Why You Should Fix Your Bow Legs ?

Bow legs are a condition in which the knees are seen to stay apart from each other when a person stands with the feet and ankles together. In fact, it is a common condition for toddlers to appear bow-legged. It will interfere with their walking as they are struggling to stand and even walk. Majority causes of bow legs in children result from physiologic genu varum, a term that is used by doctors to refer to a variation in normal appearance that makes some young ones appear bow-legged. But this condition is expected to improve and change around the age of 15-18 months since babies develop bow leg when they are being born due to the curling position when they are in their mother’s womb.

By the time it hits age three, the problem should be over without any bracing or treatment. But the legs fail to straighten up after the age of five, one should not assume it as a typical situation, consulting a physician early will be a better idea.

Most people assume the only way to straighten bow legs is by having surgery. We’ve already established that surgery is both risky and expensive to straighten your bowlegs or knock-knees.

There are many serious risks posed, such as…

– Removing, breaking and straightening certain bones
– Bone infection
– Nerve damage
– Metal clamps on your legs
– Unsightly scarring

Bottom line… it’s not an option.

So you’re probably wondering what’s the magic answer then? Well, there’s a great system called “Bow Legs No More”. It’s a special system that gradually straightens your legs. And it’s 100% natural, completely safe and it’s been proven to work. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step directions.


What Muscles Cause Bow Legs ?

I know some of us are wondering about what muscles causes bow legs. A short and precise answer is a Why You Should Fix Your Bow Legs ?muscular imbalance that occurs at the pelvis. This is commonly caused by having a sedentary lifestyle and sitting for extended periods of time.

If you have a professional job where you sit for more than eight hours a day, and then you add all the time spent sitting at home, slowly but surely, you will start creating an imbalance of the muscles at the pelvis and the hip. So it is obvious that sitting for lengthy periods of time weakens the glutes and makes your hip flexors so tight. What will emerge is that you will create a forward rotation of the pelvis, a situation that is commonly known as anterior pelvic tilt. The consequences of this tilt are that you will have created an inward rotation of your femurs (front of your thighs). This will cause your knees to start caving inwards or outwards giving you a knock-kneed or bow-legged appearance and pain when walking.

Another muscle that is involved in the bow-legged genesis is the hamstring muscle. Now, if you sit all day long more than eight hours, then there is also good chance that your hamstrings are going to be very tight. A tight hamstring is going to exert a significant amount of pull at the top of the knee, thus making it rotate to the inside or the outside, a condition known as a femoral disease of the knee. A rotation at the knee is automatically going to give the appearance of your bow legs. External femoral torsion is most commonly seen and in this case, the long and short bicep femoris muscles are shortened and rotate the knee to the outside.

Are Bow Legs Genetic ?

Many people are asking themselves questions like “are bow legs genetic?” the answer is yes. If a close relative has bow legs as an adult, there might be a possibility that a child that person will bear will inherited the bow-leg condition. If this condition persists into teenage or adulthood, one may require treatment when he or she has a genetically inherited bow leg through corrective orthopedic surgery or postural alignment. Other correction exercises like palate, yoga, leg strengthening and professional therapist massage are only to reduce the severity of pain experienced when one is walking with the bow legs.

Do Bow Legs Get Worse With Age?

People with bow legs conditions usually ask themselves several questions about their health, others ask themselves a question like “do bow legs get worse with age?” The answer is yes, in fact when the condition is not adequately treated during one’s early time, it will become even worse as one grows to an adult. Bow legs don’t go away after one reaches the age of between three to five if a child has five years and above but with signs of bow legs, then corrective measures need to be taken. Untreated bow leg can lead to arthritis in the hips or the knees over time and during this time, treating arthritis will be difficult.

One can be exposed to other problems that are associated with bow leg conditions like knee and hip pain, a tendency to turn the toes inwards while walking, an awkward gait and tripping. Every parent should consult their health physician when their child’s legs don’t straighten out by the age of four to five otherwise you will expose the child to health problems like deformity, difficulty in walking, chronic pain and an early onset of arthritis as he or she grows.

There is no need of asking oneself questions concerning worsening of the bow leg condition over time, the faster you treat the situation the better it will be to avoid future problems like deformities. As a parent, to prevent future expenses curing bow legs, ensure that your child is not exposed to rickets, and expose your kids to enough sunlight and get proper quantity of vitamin D in the diet of your child.

Why You Should Fix Your Bow Legs

There are many grounds why you should fix your bow legs. If you have this condition, and you don’t fix it, then you are more likely to develop arthritis at an early age, more so if it runs in your family. In this case, your posture places abnormal pressure on the knee and ankle joints. The result is that it will create joint inflammation. If this occurs, it will degrade the cartilage and tissues around the joint thus leading to walking problems.

Other than arthritis, you might develop chronic pain and inflammation in your ankles, hips, and knees pain hence leading to problems with posture and walking. You are also prone to suffer from psychological pain that will result from bullying about how you appear. This is the worst because people or your friends will be teasing you on your appearance. Even if you try to ignore it, you will be hurt from the inside hence developing a low esteem towards whatever you do. Stress is prone to ride in your body if you don’t do early corrective measures.

If you have noticed that you have bow legs, and you are an adult, make to take corrective exercises like yoga, attending professional therapists for massage, having straight legs straightening and Pilate. These are corrective exercises that an adult should be practicing to reduce the severity that you might get from the bow legs conditions.

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