Mike Fiore’s Why He Lies Review

Michael Fiore is an internationally known, certified relationship coach and author who has the ability to delve deeply into the wheels and cogs of the human mind and has assisted many men and women to salvage almost broken relationships and renew the happiness humans crave.

Having launched into the Dating niche in 2010, he has seen much. He studied the text message, straight forward thereby giving back his knowledge he figured nobody was taking as seriously as they straightforward, no-nonsense approach, his wealth of relationship knowledge, what women want, why men lie and recovering a relationship after a breakup, he has produced systems like Text Your Ex Back, Language of Desire, Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend, all of which are very successful. And now, he is introducing Why He Lies.

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Michael Fiore fires many scenarios, aimed particularly at women, for women, to give them a taste of what is possibly the answer to the greatest question ever asked. Why He Lies. You’re going to need a cup of coffee and a space of about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. In that 30 minutes Michael will teach you something you already know, men lie but he combines promises with secrets if you care to discover the truth about why he lies. Delivered in humorous tones and background illustrations plus a guarantee that this product will open your eyes forever, you’ll want to hear him out to the end.

So who is Michael Fiore?

Pros and Cons….

Aside from the 30 minutes of listening and watching his video, Michael makes several mentions on how, as a woman, you’ll become a man magnet. He uses words that induce curiosity when he tells you he knows what your man talks about when you’re not with him. He keeps your interests piqued with how to keep him faithful to you, and talks briefly about a guided tour through a man’s mind and the piece de resistance, he will reveal the results of a survey he emailed to several thousand people and what he found. His youtube videos also very popular among the people.

Michael repeats himself with snippets of the survey he emailed and reminds you that, this is your last chance to have true, uncompromising love. In this product, he’ll reveal what men want in bed, What you need to do to make you feel like your man’s pin-up girl, How to alter his emotional mind and keep it focused on you. Michael mentions only the bare facts with, Why men are terrified of women’s emotions, How to seduce him, How to get him to chase you and more than can be digested in one sitting but you must listen to the video, hear about the successful results you will achieve and you are assured that you’ll know more than any other woman as to what is going on inside a man.

You will subconsciously be waiting for the “If you walk away now, you’ll always wonder what you’vewhy-he-lies-review missed” spiel and he won’t let you down.You’ll hear a repeat every now and again, a reminder that you will learn how to get the results that your own fantasies are pleading for, that you’ll be a woman who gets men on a deep and primal level. But Michael does aim at the tears, frustration, and anger inside the woman before he tells her that by purchasing this product she will sleep every night in the arms of the man she adores.

There will be no more months of therapy, no more wondering what he truly thinks about you and as you go through the first lesson, it is recommended that you call up a friend, a guy, not a love interest, but a regular guy and while you walk and talk, you’ll notice what you instinctively feel in your heart. An interesting realization that you have the knowledge that you know what he really wants and feels. That you’re empowered and can repair rifts, stop the frustration, stop the anger and tears.

How much would that be worth?

Michael explains that for less than $10 per day to have the relationship of your dreams, worldwide you’ll be rewarded with some powerful information that will set you up for life. Now, if you don’t want this program he suggests you’re secretly angry, you secretly want to fight. But if you want to learn the dirty truth about men you will have to set aside your ego and forget everything you’ve read in women’s magazines.

From a Relationship Coach who is an expert, who can step on stage and charge up to two thousand dollars or more for a session, you get what you deserve with this product of which he is truly passionate. If you’re late returning to purchase and the price doubles then you’ve been warned. When you click to add to cart you’ll receive 3 additional training’s and there’s more he offers.

1. Unstoppable confidence with men
2. Insecurity cure
3. Sex lies exposed

And the unedited survey results which you are not permitted to share with anyone else. His promise, backed up by his ability to offer the best dating products that are currently worldwide, is your confidence that your investment will be one that you won’t regret.

If anyone is in doubt of their relationship and would like to discover the secrets from a man who knows what they are, then this is an investment that will give results.