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There are many health problems in the world. Plantar fasciitis is one such serious problem. Plantar fasciitis is a problem which causes heel pain. It is a common problem with aged people or you can say it starts with middle aged people. Many times athletes do suffer from this problem. There is a particular ligament, called Plantar Fascia, which connects the bone of the heel to the toes. This ligament is a source of strength of the heel. If you put extra pressure on this ligament then the ligament gets weak or you can say it gets torn.

When you are standing for a long time in a particular condition then there will be a tiny tear in the ligament (plantar fascia). As a result, you can feel the inflammation. There are numerous ways to treat this problem. And one of the best ways is to follow Jeremy Roberts (Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist & Author of the Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure), “Fast plantar fasciitis cure”. This is actually an e-book which is a collection of some suggestions, some recommendations and a clean arrangement to treat this problem.

There are plenty of reasons behind why does plantar fasciitis hurt. And sometimes people ask what happens When plantar fasciitis is chronic. Let’s first discover some common reasons that make when plantar fasciitis is chronicplantar fasciitis a chronic problem. Here are some reasons. Overweight is a cause of this problem. If you gain a sudden weight, then the extra weight puts pressure on the ligament, and this ligament then gets torn, and you can feel the pain. Some inborn problems like flat feet is also a big cause of this health problem. Now the most common reason of plantar fasciitis is a walk or stand on a hard surface for a long time.

There are many other reasons. Sometimes tight calf muscles can be the cause of plantar fasciitis. Chronic plantar fasciitis causes severe pain or inflammation in the hip, heel, knee and the back portion of the body.

If there are reasons, then there are results also. A big example of chronic plantar fasciitis is back pain.
Sometimes many patients ask can plantar fasciitis cause back pain. Backbone is the best part of the main structure of the human body. When you stand for a long time or sitting for a long time in a wrong pattern, then your back portion gains some extra pressure. Every part of the human body is connected with each other. So you can feel the severe back pain. And it becomes unbearable for the patient suffering from it. Sometimes a patient suffering from plantar fasciitis even asks, can plantar fasciitis cause Achilles pain. And the answer is one more example of chronic plantar fasciitis is acute Achilles pain.

Whatever the reason of this pain, the only aim of treatment is to reduce the inflammation or pain in the plantar fascia.

why does plantar fasciitis hurt

There are so many reasons why does plantar fasciitis hurt and how to treat them. Some people prefer some easy ways to treat this. They recommend ice to recover from this health problem. But before the treatment, proper diagnosis is necessary to locate the actual reason behind this problem. If proper reason is discovered then it is easy to get proper treatment.

Some home treatments are there to treat chronic plantar fasciitis.

  • Some people prefer some easy ways to treat this. They recommend ice to recover from the pain of the affected area. You can take a bottle filled with ice. And can roll it under the foot. At bottom of the foot feels the pain, so it is good to put the ice-bottle just under the foot.
  • Use of hot water and cold water alternately. Repeat it for five to six times and you can feel good.
    Proper exercises can be good to relieve the pain. Most doctors prescribed stretching exercises. Now stretching exercises help to recover the main ligament (plantar fascia) from the extra pressure. And subsequently it releases the heel and knee pain. Regular exercises and proper messages recover the affected area.
  • One great example to recover from Achilles pain is the use of night splints. And the benefit of night splint is to stretch further the plantar fascia ligament.
  • Remember your body can gain strength if it is devoid of any health related issues. So strength is the key to kill the health problem. Weak body can be the shelter of diseases, so weak feet can be the best shelter of plantar fasciitis. So be aware of the problem and the reasons. Try to avoid the reasons and you can avoid the problem. As earlier discussed regular exercises and messages help you to get a sound health.
  • Sometimes doctors have to prescribe surgery is the only and last choice for certain patients who are actually suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis. But the problem of the surgery is that it can reduce the pain, but your feet will lose the strength. Remember surgery is the last option, so try other alternatives to improve the problem.
  • There are some medicines and gel to treat the affected area. Medicines are mainly prescribed to reduce the pain and to recover the ligament from its bad condition. If it is a gel, then apply it on the affected area for twice or as per directed by the doctor on a regular basis.
  • Shock wave therapy is another alternative to recover from plantar fasciitis. Even a few years back shock wave therapy is used to treat kidney stones other problems. But now researchers have discovered the benefits of Shock wave therapy to treat the plantar fasciitis.

The human body is made of flesh and blood. So always there will be some health related problems. So to treat a health problem, you need to keep patience at first. Always remember if there is a problem, then there must be a solution. Now it depends upon us that whether we have the courage to face the problem or not. If you maintain the positive attitude, then you can achieve the success. Plantar fasciitis is not a big problem if you keep yourself health conscious, and maintain a proper lifestyle, because we are the architect of our own lives. So, instead of thinking why does plantar fasciitis hurt, go for the remedy!