What Is Eat To Perform – Learn EXACTLY What to Eat + WHEN to Eat !

What Is Eat To PerformIt’s a program designed to help athletes lose fat and gain in lean muscle. It relies on a concept called Metabolic Flexibility For Fat Loss by Mike T. Nelson Ph. D. The central premise of the program is that the healthy athlete can build muscle tissue by feeding around their workouts. This plan is not for the sedentary person who intends to maintain that lifestyle. Physical exercises and meal times are critical.

About the Author

Dr. Nelson holds a Ph. D. In exercise physiology, a BA in natural sciences and an MS in Biomechanics. As you can see, his education has brought him the knowledge to successfully start a Eat To Perform program. Dr. Nelson is also a member of good standing with the American College of Sports Medicine, the International Society of Sports Nutrition and the American Society of Nutrition. These memberships mean that you can trust him to know what works and what doesn’t in both sports and nutrition.

Mike T. Nelson Ph.D. Created the Eat To Perform plan after 18 years of learning how the body functions. He focused on how to condition the body to lose fat while becoming stronger, healthier and even more flexible. He admits his diet is specifically for athletes though those wishing to have a more sustainable method of exercise and diet could benefit. He also advises talking with your doctor before starting the plan if you have a chronic health issue.

The great thing about the Eat To Perform program is that it encourages clients to create deficits for weight loss just not through one critical area but around both diet and exercise. For example, an individual who needs to cut 400 calories in a day would be better off losing 200 by walking and 200 from calorie deficits. In this way, the body continues to gain the nutrients needed for peak performance but it is losing some calories without going into hunger mode. These two things make success a little closer.

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