What exercises are recommended for lower back pain?

Chronic lower back pain has now become a very common disease among all. There may be several types of reasons behind this, but the inactive lifestyle is one of the stronger reasons. These days, because of a busy lifestyle and hectic schedule people don’t get much time for exercise. Physical activity is very important to stay fit. This is why people are suffering from lower back pain and so many other medical issues.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, you don’t have to be worried about that because now various types of treatments are available for lower back pain sufferers. Doing exercise is the best way to get over from this pain. “My back pain coach” is one of the most popular programs made for lower back pain sufferers. I am very much satisfied with this program. I’ve personally used this program and got a complete relief from lower back pain.

Now you may think that can exercise cause lower back pain? Or does exercise relieve back pain? Yes, doing exercise is the most effective way to get relief from lower back pain. Not only that, there are special lower back pain relief exercises that can help to eliminate the problem of back pain. Let’s have a look at some effective lower back pain reducing exercise:

Effective exercises for lower back pain sufferers

If you are looking for an answer to does exercise relieve back pain, then it is important to understand that the main aim of doing the exercise is to make muscles strong and flexible. For humans, the lower parts of the body contain some important muscles such as glutes muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles and most important thing is the spine. Moreover, muscles of the upper leg portion should be so strong and flexible so that it can carry the entire body weight without any strain. Now you should learn the each and every step of exercises very carefully which will effect on these muscles, and lower back pain will be reduced. Here are some effective exercises:

What exercises are recommended for lower back painDecompression Breathing

It is well known to all that human body needs an adequate amount of oxygen to stay fit and healthy. A little amount of extra oxygen can cure lower back pain. At first, learn how to breathe deeply. This is very important to know before starting this exercise.

Stand and make sure that both heels are touching the floor. In this position, your body weight will be on your heels. Take your arms above your head and press all finger tips together. Continue this process with proper inhaling and exhaling until you feel tired. This breathing process not only reduces your back pain it also can cure so many medical issues.

Founder Forward fold

This exercise is very important for core and back strength. This is why it is also known as founder steps. Stand with your toes. Your heels should touch the floor. Take your arms above the head. In this pose, bend your body forward without folding knee as much as you can. You can use a chair to do this exercise. Moreover, if you get too much strain on back, then you can modify this step by moving your hands behind the body. This exercise will definitely increase the strength of the spine which is very important to get relief from lower back pain.

Forward Fold

To perform this exercise, you have to learn the founder forward fold as previously discussed. Standing according to full founder position floats your hands down towards the ground and push your hip to back. You can unlock your knees and perform this exercise. Remember entire body weight will be on your heels. From this position, you have to stand up by keeping weight on the heels. Continue these steps until you get tired. Proper inhale and exhale will give you extra benefits. Perform this exercise regularly to get relief from acute lower back pain.

Adductor-Assisted Back Extension

This is a very popular exercise for lower back pain sufferers. If you are going through this tough pain, then you can rely on this exercise. You will definitely get a positive result. This exercise helps to make deeper muscles stronger. Try to perform this exercise in empty stomach. Lie down on your stomach on the ground. You can bend the knees slightly. In this position, you have to give pressure on knees and hips and lift both hands. Both your hands should be above the ground. Hold this position for at least 20 to 30 seconds for better result. Perform these steps regularly to get a better result. Your lower back muscles will be stronger and more flexible.

Eight point plank

Plank is a very effective exercise for lower abdomen portion. It helps to reduce belly fat also. This special type of plank will reduce your lower back pain. To perform this exercise, you have to involve your knees and elbows. It may sound that it is easy to perform. But it is not so easy to perform. This exercise should be performed in empty stomach. Lie on stomach on the ground. Your feet should be flexed. Keep the elbows in front of your shoulders. Your knees should touch the ground.

In this position try to pull shoulders away from the ears by squeezing knees slightly and taking elbows towards the center of the body. Now lift your hips at the level of the shoulders and hold this position, at least for 20 to 30 seconds. For better result, you can perform this exercise several times in a day. At the time of performing the exercise if you get trembling, then you are doing the steps in the right way.


This exercise is named by the name of the little hunting bird. This exercise will strengthen your butt muscles and back muscles. This exercise is quite easy to perform. To perform this exercise, you have to start it from lunge position. Stand steady and tall by giving pressure on front heels. Try to lift up the back heel from the ground and keep your hands in front of the chest by bending the body slightly. Drive your butt toward the back. Perform this without moving your knees. Continue this until you feel the stretch in your hamstring. Hold this position, at least for 20 to 30 seconds. You can perform this exercise several times in a day, but perform this in empty stomach. An empty stomach is always good for performing any kind of exercise.

You can perform this in another way. Somebody may find difficulty in performing this step. They can do this by keeping your hands behind you. This is the modified woodpecker. It is equally effective exercise.

Apart from the above-mentioned exercises, there are many other exercises for lower back pain. Here are some more effective exercises:

Partial Crunches

Partial crunch is one of the most effective exercises which strengthen your back muscles and stomach muscles. Lie down on the ground and bend your knees and feet on the floor. Cross your arms and put both hands behind your neck. From this position raise your shoulder from the ground. Inhaling and exhaling in the proper way will always give you the best result. Breathe out while raising the shoulder from the ground. Don’t take help of your elbows and arms. Lift shoulder and hold it for a second and then down slowly. Repeat this step, at least 8 to 12 times. Do this exercise in the proper way. This exercise has many benefits. Apart from reducing lower back pain it also reduces stress and belly fat.

To get the positive result, perform this exercise daily.

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring is one of the most important muscles of the lower part of the human body. It is very important to make stronger this muscle. Lie down on your back on the floor. Bend one knee on the floor. Take a soft towel and loop it under the ball of your foot. From this position make straight your other knee and pull the towel back slowly. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat it at least for 4 to 5 times. You will feel a stretch while doing this. This exercise will help you to reduce lower back pain

Wall Sit:

This is one of the very effective exercises for lower back pain. This exercise is very easy to perform, and the best part of this exercise is that you can perform it at any time. Choose a long wall and stand in parallel with the long wall. Then try to slide down until your knees are slightly bent. When you reach to the sitting position, hold the position at least for 10 to 20 second. Repeat this exercise 8 to 12 times to get the best result. Perform this exercise daily and reduce your lower back pain positively.

Bird Dog:

This exercise is also highly recommended for lower back pain. The name describes the position of the exercise. Start with your hand and knees and tighten your stomach muscles. Lift your one leg and drive the leg behind you. Raise your waist to the hips level and hold the position for 5 seconds. Then try this position with another leg. Repeat this position with your both legs at least for 8 to 12 times. This exercise is the greatest way to get relief from the chronic lower back pain.

All of the exercises as mentioned above are highly recommended for lower back pain. These exercises are very effective. Apart from above-mentioned exercise, you can try other exercises such as the knee to chest, pelvic tilts, bridging, lifting weights, and aerobic exercises.

Chronic lower back pain can create certain limitations. There are some exercises which you should avoid if you are lower back pain sufferer. Here are some exercises which you should avoid:

What exercises to avoid for lower back pain?

People suffering from lower back pain often are in a dilemma about what exercises to avoid for lower back pain. Some exercises help eliminate lower back pain while others may be the cause of it. Some such exercises are:

Toe touches:

If you are a lower back pain sufferer, then you should not do toe touches. This exercise may cause extreme pain. If you face pain while performing exercises, then you should immediately stop this exercise and consult with your doctor.


Sit-up is a very effective exercise to reduce belly fats. You may think that set-up can make stronger your stomach and abdominal muscles. If you are thinking so, then you are wrong. If you have lower back pain, then you never should try sit-ups. Sit-ups may put excessive pressure on your spine and disc, which may increase your lower back pain and turn it to acute disease. So avoid sit-ups if you are suffering from lower back pain

Lifting heavy weight

If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain, then you should not lift heavy weight. Lifting heavy weight forcefully may create excessive pressure on your back muscles and spine, which may cause permanent damage to your spine. This is why you should avoid lifting heavy weight.

Now it is very clear that if you have chronic lower pain, you should avoid all of the above-mentioned exercises.

Swimming is very good for health. But is swimming good exercise for lower back pain? Let’s see whether swimming is good for lower back pain or not:


Australian S12 swimmer Jeff Hardy swims freestyle at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games

Swimming is very good for general health. Pool therapy and light swimming are the part of the treatment of Osteoarthritis and lower back pain. But when it comes to the question that is swimming good exercise for lower back pain, it must be stated that swimming can be dangerous for your spine structure, and it causes lower back pain also:

  • Front strokes of swimming can create pressure on your back muscles and cause chronic lower back pain. Crawl, breaststroke, and butterfly stroke can be dangerous for your lower back pain
  • Your upper spine portion can be highly damaged during the front strokes. It may cause acute neck pain also

Though swimming may be harmful to back pain, yet when done properly, it also can prevent lower back pain. Let’s see how it can prevent lower back pain.

  • If you have lower back pain, then you have to swim in a perfect way. Do proper form of the front strokes.
  • You can use back strokes instead of performing front strokes
  • You should wear goggles and try snorkeling to reduce improper head movements.

Do ab exercises help back pain?

Another question that most people suffering from back pain have in the back of their minds is do ab exercises help back pain? The ab exercises help to increase the flexibility and strength of the abdominal muscles, thereby helping in a better body and spinal posture. This, over the time, helps in alleviating the back pain and offering relief to the sufferers.

All of the above-mentioned exercises are highly recommended for lower back pain. Doing these exercises and proper swimming can reduce your lower back pain. Also, visit back pain relief 4 life review