What Are The Risks Of Bow Legs ?

Bow legs also known as congenital genu varum is a physical condition where a person’s legs become abnormally curved outwards. Some people are born with bow legs due to their positioning in the womb. This should not worry you since the legs will begin to straighten out with time as the child grows. Other people however develop it after an injury. Sometimes bow legs can be a sign of an underlying disease such as rickets or Blount’s disease. Either it can be short term or long term depending on what caused it. Whichever way, this condition has various risks. First people with bow legs are at a high risk of developing arthritis. This is the main risk of bow legs. Due to bow legs, the person’s posture places abnormal pressure on the knee and ankle joints, which later cause joint inflammation. This may lead to pain and swelling on the knee, which may lead to limitations with recreational sports and may cause problems with normal daily activities in the long run.

Most people assume the only way to straighten bow legs is by having surgery. We’ve already established that surgery is both risky and expensive to straighten your bowlegs or knock-knees.

There are many serious risks posed, such as…

– Removing, breaking and straightening certain bones
– Bone infection
– Nerve damage
– Metal clamps on your legs
– Unsightly scarring

Bottom line… it’s not an option.

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More so, bow legs may lead to chronic pain and inflammation of the person’s ankles, knees and hips. This leads to problems with posture and walking. Another problem with bow legs is low self-esteem and facing ridicule from other people of the way your legs look like.

Can bowlegs lead to knee problems ?

It is thus true that bow legs can cause knee problems. This is so because bow legs put extra pressure on the inner side of the knee. Osteoarthritis is a risk that comes with bow legs. This breaks down the cartilage that cushions knee joints hence causing pain and stiffness as the ends of the bones rub on each other. If you experience knee pain due to bow legs and you do nothing about it, the situation would get worse. This pain would change your posture since you will be attempting to reduce the pain. It can even cause more severe problems in the long run as you might give up moving and prefer to just sit or even end up on a wheelchair. You can however remedy this situation by exercising your hips. Another remedy is indulging in exercises that strengthen the hamstring and quadriceps. More so, those who experience knee problems due to bow legs should also consider losing excess weight while at the same time remain physically active. This ensures that no undue stress is placed on the knees, which would worsen the condition. One should also watch their diet since there are various foods that can aggravate joint pains. You can also consider going for massage to reduce the pain on the knees. This should be done by a professional.

Can bow legs cause back pain

Most people tend to ask whether bow legs can cause back pain. The answer is affirmative especially in adults. Most bowlegged adults tend to suffer from back pain and poor posture. This is because bow legs greatly affect the alignment of the spine hence causing discomfort and or pain. This pain can however be reduced or treated. There are certain fitness techniques that can help to strengthen the muscles and skeletal system to better balance the body’s weight. If experiencing back pain from bow legs, you can also consider buying special in-soles, which will help you to balance the body’s weight, and also straighten a misaligned spine. You can also consider exercising to straighten back muscles and keep the spine alignment. There are also certain postures techniques that a bowlegged person needs to consider in order to reduce back pain. First, bowlegged adults should avoid standing and sitting for longer periods of time without stretching their limbs. They should also try to stand always straight with chest up and head balanced over the shoulders. Bowlegged persons should always choose a work surface with a height that does not involve straining the neck or back. They should avoid sleeping on their stomach as this can greatly affect their posture. When sleeping on their back, they need to put a support under their neck and avoid tipping their heads too far forward.

Does bow legs make you shorter ?

People also argue on whether bow legs can make a person shorter or not. It is true, bow legs can make a person shorter. This is due to the misalignment of long bones, which would cause the distance between the hip joint epiphysis and the distal end of the tibia to be decreased. This eventually decreases that person’s height. However since bowlegs can be corrected, you might expect your height to increase after correcting the condition. This is actually not the case since the increase in height is always very small and insignificant.
In conclusion, therefore, bow legs are a condition that has various risks. It can cause knee problems and also back pain. Apart from all that, bowlegs are unpleasant to the person with this condition. From the way they are force to work in this type of condition to the straight they undergo to perform some task. With bowlegs, there is ability of limitation in what you can do and how you can move.

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Bowlegs also are a What Are The Risks Of Bow Legsmajor cause of low self-esteem. People with bowlegs sometime feel like they do not fit in the society or they have the weird feeling of a strange look of that abnormality. This for children who grow up with bowlegs often end up with a low self-esteem. It may take time to make them feel appreciated in the society or restrain from feeling like the odd one out. This feeling may later in life make the person suffering with bowlegs feels inferior and hence not able to appreciate themselves enough to speak out or speak his or her mind out. The good news however is that bow legs can be remedied. With the 21st century technological advancement in the medical field, this has changed to the better and issues like bowlegs can be corrected. All one needs to do is conduct a physician who is specialized in that field and you will be guided on what to do.

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