Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks

Does Vitamin E Oil Help Stretch Marks?

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant chemical that is designed to fight free radicals within the human body, which means it is also effective in slowing down the processes that cause cell damage. For years it has Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marksbeen very beneficial in treating any number of diseases and illnesses of the body. Vitamin E oil is derived from opening a capsule and using directly onto the skin or it is also sold as a pure oil in bottles. Vitamin E oil is topically used to treat wrinkles, scars, dry skin, wounds, dry cuticles, and more. When applied to the skin, its main function, both internally and externally, is to destroy damaging free radicals (atoms or molecules).

This simply means that it makes our skin feel and look smooth, it moisturizes, and it reduces swelling that is associated with certain skin issues like eczema. Free radicals can cause damage to the outer layer of the skin, but this damage can be controlled or even prevented by applying skin care products, like Vitamin E oils which contain antioxidants that protect the skin and helps to reduce scars and helps in the healing process.

The common places on the body for stretch mark appearances, includes the abdomen, hips, thighs, stretch marks on thighsbuttocks, upper arms, breasts or chest area. To answer the question, does Vitamin E oil help stretch marks – stretch marks do not fully disappear using vitamin e oil, but the marks will fade faster. Stretch marks will fade over time, but the process will go faster using vitamin E oil. Applying Vitamin E oil for stretch marks to the skin helps to prevent the saggy or wrinkling skin. Vitamin E oil greatly helps to increase the natural Vitamin E with the skin layers, which means that the skin tone remains moisturized to keep its elasticity when pregnancy and natural weight gain, then weight loss, occurs due to stretching.

Naturally, there is nothing like the joy of bringing an infant life into the world, but to be honest, women do not enjoy the side effects of stretch marks. Also, men who work out regularly can experience stretch marks or individuals who lose weight will not only lose pounds, but can gain stretch marks. Dermatologists and Oby-Gyn physicians state that about 90% of women will get stretch marks sometime after their sixth or seventh trimester of pregnancy. They also report that stretch marks are genetic based, that if your mother had stretch marks, then you too will probably have them.

Stretch marks are the result of damage to the dermis layer of the skin. When the human skin is forcibly stretched too far, too quickly, as in having a baby, then its fibers are ripped, causing striated lines which are visible through the epidermis or the top layer of the skin. Doctors encourage their female patients to use Vitamin E oil for stretch marks during their pregnancy, as well as to use it after the birth of the baby. Stretch marks generally appear like pink, red or purple marks, but then over time they fade to thin silvery white or gray coloring. Vitamin E oil for stretch marks, can be used as a topical ointment or an oral supplement. For stretch marks, a topical E oil can be purchased in a cream form, a bottle, or from a capsule. As an oral supplement, Vitamin E oil is available in different sizes, mostly which includes a 200 and 400 IU soft get capsule.

Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Using Vitamin E oil regularly, helps to enhances the elasticity of the skin before and after pregnancy. For post first child pregnancy stretch marks, Vitamin E oil will help lighten the marks because there isn’t as much damage to the tissue as any previous pregnancy marks. With regular use, the E oil softens the Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks After Pregnancystretch mark areas and you will soon see them lighten within a few weeks. Due to is natural elasticity properties, Vitamin E oil makes the skin more flexible which minimizes the tearing of tissues that form stretch marks. In using Vitamin E oil for stretch marks after pregnancy, it will keep the stretched skin soft and more pliable, and it keeps the skin hydrated, thus reducing the harsh signs of stretch marks. Like the natural form of Vitamin E, the oil is also available in different formulas, like alpha, gamma, alpha, beta, and delta-tocopherol. The highest bio active form of Vitamin E oil is alpha-tocopherol. Clinical research and studies have proven that the greatest reduction in scarring and formation of stretch marks is lightened and shortened through the regular use of Vitamin E and Vitamin E oils.

How To Use Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks

Men and women can apply a small amount of Vitamin E oil directly to the skin, which will quickly absorb into the epidermis. Yes, Vitamin E oil will feel a little sticky on the skin, thus it should be applied prior to going to bed or if you will be home for a period of time. The basic instructions in how to use of Vitamin E oil for stretch marks, requires you to apply the oil 30 minutes before any activities. You can use the bottled Vitamin E oil or you can open an E capsule and apply it directly on the area with a cotton swab. No! – Don’t “massage” the E oil in, instead just let it absorb on its own. Also, Vitamin E oil can be safely mixed with other ingredients that are beneficial in lightening stretch marks and wounds to boots its healing properties. A simple recipe is shown below:

Homemade Stretch Mark Oil Recipe


2 tbsp vitamin E oil, ½ cup jojoba oil, ½ cup almond oil, ¼ cup raw sugar


Mix and pour the oils into a container and shake. Add the sugar and gently swab over the stretch mark areas each day. Vitamin E oil gives the skin elasticity, jojoba oil is full of fatty acids that easily penetrate deeply into the pores, almond oil provides lots of moisture and raw sugar exfoliates.
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