The Power Primer Review

If I’m honest I didn’t expect much when I purchased the Power Primer from Bach Performance, but have never been happier to be proven wrong.

Working out for an hour a day, four days a week using the exercises given to me in the Four Week Power Primer by Bach Performance, I’ve gone from being lean and strong to being lean, strong and POWERFUL! That was the key for me and why Bach Performance made a difference where all the other programs in the past have failed me. I’ve gone from being slow and strong to be strong, fast and having more power than I believed physically possible.

I’ve been working out in gyms and fitness centers all my life and I consider myself to be exceptionally fit, lean and strong, but I always felt as though I could be stronger. I have experimented with many other programs in the past and yet it’s never truly made much a difference to how much I can lift until Bach Performance came along and changed all that. I’m 34 years old and I’m now in the best shape I have ever been in thanks entirely to The Four Week Power Primer.

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Does It Work Or Another Scam?

Bach Performance ReviewI thought I was as strong as I was ever going to get, that I had reached my peak, but Bach Performance showed me that I could be stronger, fitter and faster. In the course of the past four weeks, I’ve added 100lbs to my lifts and that’s a phenomenal advancement. Eric at Bach Performance really did create an astounding program and I could not recommend it more highly to anyone out there who wants to increase their potential and achieve results above anything they imagined. Ultimately, there’s nothing out there that beats Bach Performance for results and if you feel as though you’ve plateaued with your strength training, I recommend that you pick up a copy of their Four Week Power Primer and prove yourself wrong!

 Four Week Power Primer