Stretch Marks: Causes and Treatment

What causes stretch marks

Stretch marks quite literally are the stretching of the skin. A lot of women have stretch marks and a lot of women will, at some point in their life, get stretch marks. Although in this society stretch marks are definitely not seen as attractive, it’s really not something to be ashamed of. There are many reasons why someone might have stretch marks and this can happen at a variety of ages. Typically, stretch marks won’t be seen on someone who is very young. But, some girls in their teenage years end up with stretch marks. It’s not the end of the world, and getting stretch marks young in life doesn’t guarantee that you won’t ever find a date. In a sense, stretch marks are like proof that you have been alive and living in this world.

We are born a blank canvas, and then over time, we have many different types of marks. Some of these marks such as stretch marks, cellulite and acne are seen as disgusting, but they aren’t. They are normal and a part of life. We can work on treating them and doing what we can to eliminate or prevent, but if not, we must be body positive and accept ourselves the way we are. Thankfully, there are ways to naturally treat, minimize and effectively deal with stretch marks without having to resort to drastic, extreme or expensive measures. Click Here For More Details.

Stretch marks are much more of a concern for women than they are for men. How do you know if you have stretch marks? Stretch marks will appear as stripes or lines and you will most likely notice them on your body. Some of the areas on your body to keep an eye out for are the abdomen, breasts, thighs, hips, and buttocks. Those areas are where stretch marks are the most common, but they can appear anywhere on the body.

What causes stretch marksAs previously stated, there are many different causes for stretch marks. You can’t really look at a person and assume that they have stretch marks for one specific reason because you can’t be sure. Some of the reasons that someone might have stretch marks include pregnancy, weight gain, medication use, and conditions/diseases. It is very common for a woman who is pregnant to develop stretch marks. It is actually more unlikely for a woman to go through pregnancy and not get stretch marks in comparison to the other way around. During pregnancy, there is obviously a great deal of stretching going on with the skin, which causes the stretch marks on the body. To be a mother is a gift and a sacrifice. Most women may temporarily or even permanently lose their flawless skin on their body.

Stretch marks from weight gain

Stretch marks from weight gainAlthough, it is definitely not the only cause to this effect, gaining weight is a huge reason why most people get stretch marks. It’s kind of obvious if you think about it. When you gain weight, the skin stretches and as we established, stretch marks come from the stretching of the skin. Young teens who are going through puberty will often get stretch marks because of the way their bodies are growing. In this sense, it’s clear to see how normal stretch marks are. As a young teen, you go from this little girl body and you are growing into a woman. During this process, the hips expand and so do the breasts, often resulting in stretch marks in these areas.

When a person gains a lot of weight and gets stretch marks because of this, the blood vessels will eventually recover, and then go back into the skin. If weight isn’t lost or gained, the color of the stretch marks will turn white, but stay with the body. If the person continues to gain weight, the blood vessels in the stretch marks will get more thinned out and cause a deeper purple hue of a color. Gaining weight is certainly not the equivalent of gaining muscle, but when someone does gain a lot of muscle, this can also cause stretch marks that appear on the legs, arms, and buttocks. When weight is gained, the most common area for stretch marks are the sides of the legs or the hips.

As far as medication use goes, some medicines can cause stretch marks. Systematic steroids that are used orally, corticosteroid creams, and some lotions and pills can cause stretch marks. Take notice of the side effects of any medicine that you use, as this will come in handy in understanding the reason behind why you may have stretch marks. Some conditions and diseases can also cause stretch marks. Some of these include adrenal gland diseases which can cause widespread stretch marks and Cushing’s syndrome. A few others are a Marfan syndrome, EhlersDanlos syndrome, and other hereditary (genetic) disorders. If you have not recently gained any weight and you have noticed stretch marks on your body, medicines and diseases are something to possibly consider. If you aren’t definite and you are concerned about the reason you have stretch marks, you can always consult your doctor. Your doctor may ask you about when you first noticed you had stretch marks, what medicines you have taken, and what other symptoms you have noticed besides the stretch marks. It’s important to note that gaining weight isn’t the only cause to stretch marks, but if you have recently gained a significant amount of weight, there is most likely not any other underlying medical cause that you need to worry or be concerned about.

Do stretch marks go away after pregnancy

After weight loss or childbirth, there are good chances that your stretch marks will go away on their own. Some websites will report that once you have stretch marks, you are stuck with them. This is not necessarily true. A lot of people can lose weight and the stretch marks will go away right with the weight that they lost. Many women get stretch marks during the process of childbirth, but afterward their bodies go back to normal and the stretch marks disappear as well. Unfortunately, I hate to announce that this isn’t true for everyone, but we are all different and our bodies react to everything in different ways.

For some women, the stretch marks don’t fade away after childbirth and for some people losing weight won’t make the stretch marks go away. If this is the case, there is really nothing you can do. You are stuck with your tiger stripes. The internet is filled with remedies of how to permanently get rid of stretch marks and the market has many products they sell that claim the same thing. They are all lies and gimmicks just trying to get your money. In a world consumed by the beauty and trying to look good, it is easy for people to be fooled by products that claim to get rid of your flaws. Do research before you purchase anything that sounds too good to be true. Click Here to visit Goodbye stretch marks review. Nothing has been invented that can permanently get rid of your stretch marks if they don’t go away on their own. In all honesty, the best medicine for stretch marks is prevention. When it comes to prevention, the best you can do is avoid rapid weight gain. Try your hardest to not gain a significant amount of weight all at once, especially if having stretch marks sounds like the worst thing in the world to you.

If you are extremely bothered by your stretch marks, you may want to look into talking with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Some options you can consider are microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser surgery. These treatments can help make stretch marks appear less noticeable. However, the treatments still will not be able to completely remove the stretch marks. It all depends on how much the stretch marks really matter to you. The reality of the situation is that the stretch marks are just there. They aren’t harmful to your health in any way, and while it certainly wouldn’t be suggested that you gain weight in order to get more stretch marks, getting surgery to diminish the appearance may be pointless. In fact, many of the surgeries that diminish the appearance of stretch marks come with their own risks. They can be dangerous. You have to really consider if it’s worth it.

Can you get rid of stretch marks by working out?

Working out can’t necessarily get rid of stretch marks. While working out, you may lose weight. If you are the type of person who has stretch marks that will go away when you lose weight, then the answer might be yes. In someone’s situation, yes you can get rid of stretch marks by working out. But, this won’t be true for all people. It also depends on how you define working out. Some people define working out as lifting weights, and that can actually cause stretch marks instead of getting rid of them. When you get a lot of muscle, at a really fast pace, the skin will stretch beyond its capacity and result in stretch marks. There are ways to try to prevent exercise-induced stretch marks.

One important thing to prevent stretch marks from exercise is eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. It is great to eat foods such as whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables because these foods help to maintain proper skin health and can even boost collagen production. Collagen is essential to healthy skin and where over stretched skin starts to form, the collagen can fill the gaps. If you are lifting weights and you want to avoid stretch marks, it may be wise to consider not lifting extremely heavy weights. Instead, lift weights that are a bit lighter and just do that more. A dermatologist can give you a cream called tretinoin cream which has multiple purposes. It can make the stretch marks a little bit less noticeable and it works to increase collagen production.

Can stretch marks be removed permanently?

To restate, stretch marks cannot be removed permanently. It has been stated, though, that stretch marks seem to have a life of their own. When you first notice stretch marks, it may seem terrible, but over time it will become less noticeable, and it’s not just because you are getting used to seeing them. They don’t exactly go away, but they do kind of fade away on their own in due time. Something else to consider when it comes to stretch marks is that there is no proven way to prevent them, either.

There has been a popular belief that cocoa butter could prevent stretch marks, but even that holds no scientific evidence. Some ways to treat the stretch marks once you have them are Retin-A, Glycolic acid creams, and chemical peels. These all help to diminish the appearance of the stretch marks. In desperate situations, people take desperate measures. Don’t do that when it comes to your stretch marks. If it really bothers you when you look at them, avoid looking at them. One thing you absolutely should not do if you have stretch marks is tan. Many folks try tanning in order to make their stretch marks less visible. You would have better luck with this working with a bad case of acne. It’s not the same deal when it comes to stretch marks. Always use sun protection while you are in the sun.

Stretch marks are a normal part of life and nothing to be ashamed of. They don’t take away from physical beauty unless you allow them to get to you mentally so much that they affect the way you see yourself. For the most part, the best thing you can do with stretch marks is eaten healthy, take good care of yourself, exercise, try not to gain a significant amount of weight, and from that point on, accept it. Don’t allow it to get to you so much. Don’t allow society’s views of beauty to make you think having stretch marks is terrible or hideous. From this, keep in mind that there are numerous causes to stretch marks. The most likely causes to stretch marks are weight gain and pregnancy. Some stretch marks will go away on their own, so if you notice stretch marks on yourself, exercise and hope for the best. Some stretch marks will remain no matter what. It’s all okay. It’s about accepting ourselves regardless of the flaws because we all have flaws. Stretch marks show that you have experienced life and you’ve earned tiger stripes. Embrace it.

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