Sciatica: Causes and Symptoms

Sciatica is one of those conditions of the human body that affects not just one part of the body but the whole entire body, it is unsurprising that a small number of people who suffer from sciatica have absolutely no idea what sciatica is as well as the sciatica symptoms. It is just a pain that some people have the misfortune of experiencing.

What Does Sciatica Mean

So many people wonder, What is sciatica? Sciatica can be described as a pain that affects the hip first then works its way to the outer side of the leg, sometimes it happens in both legs but most times it is usually one of the legs first then works its way to the other one.

Sciatica is a pain that affects 1 in 107 people in American each year, 30% of people that has sciatica say that they didn’t know they had it and just a common pain that’s associated with age. Sciatica is pain that has been known to cause such pain in the knees to the point where walking becomes a chore and a hardship. It is a known fact that various sciatica treatments have been orchestrated in order to lessen the amount of sciatica pain that people suffer with. Amidst the pain of sciatica not to mention the various treatments, there are also home remedies for sciatica pain relief which has been knowing to have amazing results on most sciatica sufferers.

For most sciatica sufferers, the pain is a little more than they can bear because of the fact the pain that they suffer usually increases based on sound vibration that is usually felt throughout the body when a person sneezes or when they cough. It is a known fact that most sciatica sufferers are in immense pain to the point of looking to other methods to make the pain go away.

What is the cause of sciatic nerve pain?

Many people who suffer from sciatica are clueless as to how they got sciatica and can’t seem to understand how to get rid of it or the causes of sciatica, it is a known fact that sciatica can happen at almost any time to anyone at almost any age. Let it be known that sciatica has several causes, some are common and there are some that aren’t common.

As most people know, the human body atrophies as it ages anSciatica Causes and Symptomsd people experience a lot of aches and pains. Sciatica is one of those pains that a person feels all over their body. However, there are more than a few things that cause sciatica. One of the root causes of sciatica is degenerative disc disease which usually happens as people age as well as their body ages, as previously mentioned. With degenerative disc disease, there are some people that are more susceptible to it than others. Also, this cause of sciatica is likely due to heavy stress on the back, in the herniated disc area. Putting pressure on this area of the back is likely to cause sciatica and practically cripple a person to the point of weakening their walking stability.

Spinal tumor causing sciatica

The second cause of sciatica is spinal tumors, they are identified as growths on the back that look like bumps. The bumps might lead some people to believe that they are could possibly lead to things like cancer or even hemorrhage bleeding in the abdomen, which could be lethal to the person suffering from sciatica.

What most people don’t realize is that when they have sciatica, it can affect their entire back area which would make it difficult to do basic things like bending over the spinal tumors add to the pain and even though they are not cancerous, they do make dealing with sciatica unbearable. The other cause of sciatica is a disease(condition) called Piriformis Syndrome. This causes muscle spasms to form in the piriformis muscle which irritates muscles in the butt region of the body and causes the sciatic nerve in the body to tense up and become tight enough that make moving the lower part of the spine a difficulty. It has been proven that sitting in one place for a very long time can also cause sciatica because the spine isn’t getting any movement or exercise which can cause sciatica to form in the spine.

Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Symptoms of SciaticaFor years, there has been much debate about to contain sciatica so the pain, as well as the symptoms, doesn’t end up ruining the lives that it touches. However, let it be known that there are certain symptoms of sciatica that can really disrupt a person’s life.

One of the symptoms of sciatica is that it always starts with a sharp, unbearable shooting pain in their lower back. The pain in this region is likely to go straight down to the buttock area, most people are likely to walk slower than usual or just be able to walk a few feet before sitting down because the pain becomes so bad that it practically multiplies every single minute. It makes a person feel like they are getting stabbed from their butt region up to their lower back then back down to the butt region again. The worst part about this symptoms is that if a person is lying down then that is the only time that they can get relief from the pain. It is not until a person stands up or is standing on both legs that they feel the extreme pain. Unfortunately, the pain isn’t something that goes away right away.

Another sciatica symptom that most sciatica sufferers experience the all too common pins and needles pain. It comes in the form of the steps a person takes when they walk. For example, the pins and needles sensation takes place when a person walk. When that person walks a little more than an inch, they feel this automatic pain where it feels like their legs are getting poked by a pin and are the pain goes down to their feet. Most times, sciatica symptoms like this usually ends with the person feel numb in the buttock region and the lower back. This disability can keep people from moving a single inch.

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