Lower Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

There are millions who suffer from lower back pain. Many can’t seem to get relief. Back pain can be caused by some stresses on the body and can range from acute to chronic. At times, acute back pain is overlooked by individuals but worsens over time. Getting help with back problems sooner than later can help relieve lower back pain.

Back pain ranges in severity and people can experience different symptoms of lower back issues. Many can experience tight hamstrings; this effect makes it difficult to touch toes. Lower back pain can go as far as the legs as this usually has a combination effect. There are those who have pain while sitting or worsens when they bend backward. The pain can also transfer to the buttocks and thighs. A program like my back pain coach does help in a long run.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

When it comes to back pain, there are multiple causes. Lower back pain typically occurs after straining. Pain can develop over time, and it is understandable. The spine is responsible for most of the bodies support system when it comes to activity. The spine supports the upper body and provides the support one needs to move. The spine is made up of 30 small bones called vertebra. Cartilage sits between the vertebrae to create the support the body needs. Many times this vertebra is referred to as a disc. Its job Relief For Lower Back Painis to absorb the shock that the body will ensure, so the bones don’t rub against each other. As the aging process continues, the disc can be weakened and begin to wear. Also, trauma can injure the disc, causing severe pain. There are sensitive nerves in the spine that can be pressed against once this disc is worn. This causes the chronic lower back pain. This condition can be to refer to as a herniated disc. There are many definitions of this term, however. It is also known as a pinched nerve or bulging disc.

Other reasons for lower back problems besides age, or trauma, is genes. There are multiple people who have back problems in their family background. So, when asking what causes lower back pain, there are many answers.

Relief For Lower Back Pain

Many who suffers from lower back problems seek relief with medication. Of course, persons should consult their doctor before use. These are said to ease lower back pain better than many other pain relievers.

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Lower back pain relief exercises

There are many exercises that help with lower back issues. Many of them include stretches that ease the pain by loosening muscles. For those who have excessive lower back issues, it may be best to try easy to do exercises, such as stretches to reduce the chance of possible injury. Here are some great stretching techniques to help with back problems.

Lower back pain relief exercises

Back Flexibility Exercise
This exercise is among the common stretches that can help with back relief. Users should always use caution with any back exercise. The person must begin by saying on the floor on their back. Then, they must bend their knees, all of this done while keeping feet flat on the floor. This pose should be held fo about 5 seconds. The person should feel the soothing stretch of their back, giving them relief of stress. After this, the person should slowly lay back on he floors then flatten their back. This pose should be held for about five seconds. This should be repeated daily for the best results.

The Lower Back Rotation
This exercise is to be done two to three times on each side of the body. The person begins by lying on their back. The knees should be bent in place and the feet flat on the floor. The person should focus on keeping the shoulders planted to the floor. Then, the user should roll their knees to one side of their body. This pose should be held for about 10 seconds if possible. Then, it should be repeated on the other side.

The Lying Knee Twist
This exercise is great for those who are suffering from back pain as it relieves the pressure on the back by laying in a restful position. This exercise helps by stretching the para-spinal muscles and also focuses on the abdominals. This is important because the strengthening of the abdominal muscles helps the lower back. While lying on the back, the person extends their legs straight out. Then the right knee should go up and cross over the left side of the body. In this position, hold for 20 seconds. The user should tighten their core muscles doing this, to know they are doing it correctly. This should be repeated three times on each side for a quality stretch.

The Knee To Chest
The knee to the chest is another common stretch that can help relieve pain. Again, the user is releasing stress from the back by laying on the mat. While laying back, the toes should be pointed to the ceiling. Then, the knees should be slowly bent and then slowly pulled to the person’s chest. By wrapping arms around the thigh, shin, or knee, and pulling to the chest, this stretch can have a great effect. Users should hold for about 20 seconds and repeat three times for each leg.

The Cobra Stretch
This stretch can rejuvenate a person and help with back issues. It is among the great back pain relief exercises. Users should use it carefully, though. To start, the person must lay on their stomach. The legs should be extended, and palms lay on either side of the person’s head. The forearms and elbows should be flat on the ground. The hips should also remain on the ground. This should allow the user to stretch their abdominal muscles and back, giving them great relief and stretch. After the hold is done the user should return to the starting position and repeat about five times. As the user gets better, they can straighten their arms for more stretch.

Restful Pose
The restful pose is a great stretch to calm the muscles and provide needed relief to the person. The user must be in position on the floor with the hands and knees with the knees wider than hip distance apart. Then, the user should turn their toes into touch and push the hips backward bending at the knees. When this position is obtained, the user should reach a comfortable seated position. They then should extend their arms forward fully and let their head fall forward into the restful position. This should be held for 20 seconds and then the person should slowly return to their starting position. This should be repeated three times for a replenishing stretch.

Home remedies for lower back pain

Hot And Cold Therapy
When at home this is one of the most common remedies for those experiencing pain. Hot and cold therapy can be used to ease pain at the moment it starts. Because of the fast results, and ease of use, this method can help relieve pain quickly. The heat therapy is used to stimulate blood flow. The hot method allows the nutrients to reach the pain that the person is experiencing in their lower back. Thanks to this stimulation, it is therapeutic for the person and eases the pain. It also works as a message inhibitors it stops the pain messages being sent to the brain.

The cold therapy helps with a numbing affect. It helps to reduce inflammation. This is great because inflammation harms the body and makes back pain worse. In many cases, inflammation is the main cause of back pain. The cold exposure slows down nerve impulses, slowing pain.

There are many home remedies for back pain that claim to solve the issue. a person may see different results as everyone’s pain is different. Many react differently to home remedies for lower back pain because of their daily routine or what caused their back injuries. Some can fully rely on these remedies for temporary relief. These solutions can help if properly used and in conjunction with other methods can prove to be a great relief for those with back issues. Many of these at home remedies should be done to help decrease pain and help with overall health.

Frequent Activity

This may be difficult depending on the severity of the lower back pain as some may suffer from chronic pains that temporarily debilitates them. It is important, though, if possible, to keep active. Constant movement can help free your back. If a person outcomes to their back pains and lay in bed all day, this can cause more pain and cramping. Once the lower back pain has resisted, get back up and do regular activities. This will help your spine get used to normal activities. It is also imperative to take it easy. Over doing any exercise or activity can cause more pain or one can injure themselves. With this being said, it is good to work out the core in your body. The abs help to support the lower back and by strengthening them with targeted workouts, it can help relief slower back pain. Many may be busy during the day but by working out at least 20 to 30 minutes in a day, it can start to show significant results for lower back issues. While exercising your abs and strengthening your overall body well it is also essential to avoid abdominal crunches as this exercise can put more of a strain on the lower back. It can be difficult to keep balance but anything that causes you excessive pain should be avoided.

Prepare Your Environment
Many who suffer from back pain have issues due to their work environment. In many situations, those who work at a desk have more of a chance of hunching over to work. Prepare the work space to make it easier to work while sitting up straight. Also, constant sitting can cause pain. By getting up and stretching out, this can help reduce back pain. People should stretch their legs, bend backward, and loosen their bodies to go back into another comfortable position. This simple technique can show improvements immediately, and help throughout the day.

-Eating Healthy
Weight can play a major part in lower back pain. Your body is designed to carry a certain amount of weight. Not only is unhealthy eating harmful in other ways, but it can also cause severe back issues. Being overweight can cause your spine extra pressure and this is what causes that pain.

-Quit Smoking
There are many smokers who don’t know that their habit can be causing their back discomfort. Smoking can cause Osteoporosis of the spine and can contribute to other bone health issues. There are studies that show that smokers are more likely to have lower back pain than nonsmokers.

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