Makeup Artist – Eye Makeup Tips

Makeup artist create dramatic yet natural faces to accentuate the natural features of the face. Artists learn various techniques to use makeup to strengthen beautiful features in the face and create desired appearances. It takes practice and skill to build on the techniques that will enhance a beautiful face. However, there are many makeup artist tips and simple tricks that help in creating a beautiful face.

Makeup Artist – Eye Brows

The shapMakeup artiste of the eyebrow can transform a face. Well shaped eyebrows can act as a face lift creating a younger appearance. The shape of the eyebrow should work with the face of the shape. For example an oval face looks good with eyebrows shaped with a soft angle. A round face will look good with a high arch. A long face looks shorter with a flat brow. A square face will look more balanced with angled brows. Rounded brows make a heart shaped face look softer while curved brows will soften a diamond shaped face. Eye liner and shadow can be used to fill in the brows where necessary.

Eye Liner

Eye liner can be used to enhance the shape of the eyes and to make the eyes appear bigger and more dramatic. One important rule when using eyeliner is to never use a deeper color on the lower lid. Another is that you can line the top lid without lining the bottom but never line the bottom without the top. If lining both lids the top should be 3 times thicker than the bottom.

When lining the lids it is important to get as close to the lash as possible. Best results occur when the eyes are kept open. White eye pencil used on the water line of the lower lid will help make the eyes appear bigger and brighter. As one ages it is best to use softer shades of eyeliner. Pencil liner that is smudged with the finger will create a softer natural appearance. Eye pens will create a more distinct line. Before applying eye liner make sure the surface is grease and oil free and apply powder to help hold the eye liner on longer.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow should be in tones close to the natural skin pigment to look natural. However, shadow the same shade as the eye will be more dramatic and pop out. Eye shadow can be used to create contours in the eyelid that enhance the shape of the eye and to create the desired style. One simple rule when applying eye shadow is to use the lighter shades at the inner corners and middle of the lid and just below the brow bone. The darker colors can be blended in. The purpose of using different shades of shadow in a similar tone is to highlight different areas of the lid enhancing those areas depending on the shape of the eye. A simple tip is to use blot paper to remove build up of shadow at the creases of the lid throughout the day.


Mascara should always be applied from the roots, not the tips. Move the wand horizontally as well as up to avoid clumps. An eyelash comb is helpful to use after mascara is applied. Eyelash curlers are a great tool and can be used both before and after mascara is applied. Heat the curler with a blow dryer before using and the curl will hold better. Clamp the curler as close to the base of the eyelashes as possible and lift the curler up and invert it to create a stronger double curl.

Eye Makeup Remover

Finally, eye makeup remover is an important tool for the makeup artist. Never go to bed with makeup on if you want healthy skin. Because waterproof make up stays on better and longer, it is even more important to use make up remover to take it off. Makeup remover for the eyes should be gentle and oil free. The eyes are sensitive and delicate and require great care when removing makeup.