How to treat plantar fasciitis?

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There are so many reasons why this problem happens. And the first question is why does plantar fasciitis hurt in the morning?

  • The Plantar fascia is the ligament situated in the bottom of the foot. A little tear in this ligameHow to treat plantar fasciitisnt causes severe pain in the heel because this ligament inserts on the heel bone. This problem can occur when you rest for a long time. According to doctor’s view after a long rest like sleeping for the whole night, when you get up in the morning a little tear in the ligament again happens. And suddenly you can feel a severe pain. When you get rest, your plantar fascia ligament also gets a rest. In the night this ligament can mend itself and make you free from the pain.

How to treat plantar fasciitis

Honestly, for the complete cure, you have to first identify the reason of the problem. There are several reasons and several ways to treat plantar fasciitis.

  • The Proper message can be a great help to cure plantar fasciitis. Stretch your legs and message it properly so that the main ligament can relieve the extra pressure and the scar tissues can no longer create any problem.
  • Remember, if your body is fit and strong enough, then you will face fewer health related problems. The best thing to stop this problem is to enhance the strength of the ligament. You can do this by performing some exercises. Make your feet strong enough by picking up some soft element by your feet. Remember this is not a process of weight lifting, it is a process to cure the problem.

For some surgery can be a great option

  • But truly this may be the last option. Remember a ligament is a part of your body. If you detach this part from the bone then you are going to lose the normal activity of your feet to some extent. Yes, pain can be cured through surgery, but it can cause some other health problems. So think twice before surgery.

Sometimes doctors change the food habit and prescribe some proper medicines

  • Food is the source of energy. But some foods should be stopped to prevent health problems. A perfect blend of food and medicine can be a great help to reduce the chances of plantar fasciitis.

Ice is a great thing to reduce the pain

  • If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis for a long time, then it is obvious that you have the bitter experience of inflammation. A common way to treat the problem is to put a bottle full of ice and roll it under your feet. You can even apply an ice pack.

Some medicines are there to treat the pain internally. But medicine can help you for a limited period of time. That means you have to take the medicine regularly. Well, that can’t be a permanent solution.

Anti-inflammatory Gel is also available in the medical store. But it can sometimes bring some bad effects also.

The steroid is another medicine to treat the plantar fasciitis. Remember, there are various types of steroids and corticosteroid is one of them. Doctors prescribe this medicine as an injection when it is impossible to cure an acute pain. You can say this could be the last way to reduce the unbearable pain. But it can’t be a way to permanently cure the plantar fasciitis.

Therapy or you can say physical therapy is a great way to cure plantar fasciitis

  • Therapy can help to stretch the ligament called plantar fascia. And this could help you to gain strength and can give you some relief from this problem.
  • There are numerous types of therapy. Shock wave therapy is one of them. Earlier this therapy is used to treat kidney problem. But it is now applicable to treat plantar fasciitis.


Gaining extra weight can’t be good for a good health. Aged persons with extra weight in the body are prone to face plantar fasciitis. Your extra weight creates some extra pressure on the lower portion of your body. Your feet can’t bear this extra pressure. As a result, plantar fascia can’t work properly and can create plantar fasciitis. So it is said that prevention is better than cure. Try to keep your body in a balanced condition. And feel the joy of a sound health.

Some people ask can plantar fasciitis cause hip pain. The answer is yes. When a person develops a chronic heel problem, then he is going to face hip pain. Some people are also asking can plantar fasciitis cause knee pain. The answer is also yes. If you have plantar fasciitis, then there will be a change in your walking pattern. And this change brings a severe problem in your hip and knee.

The human body is made of blood and flesh. It is a truth that you can’t avoid problems if you are a lazy person. So activity or you can say proper activity or regular exercise can be the best way to prevent any health related problem. The busy life schedule is a curse for us. We don’t have time to think for ourselves. We have time to earn money, we have time to earn bread and butter, but we don’t have time to cherish a good health. Remember a good health is a key to overall success for a person. Don’t forget you are the architect of your own life.

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