Dog Food Secrets Review

Andrew Lewis’s Dog Food Secrets

Pets are not just animals. Over the time, they become a part of the family and our best friend as well. Naturally, it is obvious that you would do everything possible to keep it happy and healthy and when that pet is your cute, loyal dog, you would want nothing short of the best for it. So, why give it a diet that you have practically no idea about? Well, that is exactly where Dog food secrets comes in. It is an extensive guide that tells you what your dog needs and how you can prevent harmful side effects of commercial dog foods available in the market. The ebook has been developed by Andrew Lewis who amassed vast knowledge by discussion with pets and dog experts around the world.

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About The Author

The ebook comes from a man who is not only knowledgeable about what dogs should eat, but a dog lover as well. Andrew Lewis, the author, was the happy owner of a beagle before he lost it due to illness. This made him sad, but determined to find out what exactly caused the death and his extensive research made him aware of the harmful diets that most dog owners choose for their pawed friend. So, he went on to author this ebook to ensure that no dog owner has to face the tragedy of losing his/her pet to unknown reasons.

What’s Included in the Dog Food Secrets Program?

If you love your pawed friend, then the Dog food secrets is a book that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It is an incredible guide for dog owners and its contents can help you keep your pet really happy and healthy. The ebook gives an in-depth idea of why various commercial dog food products are dangerous for dogs and how they can cause long term illness like cancer or even be fatal.

Apart from detailing the shortcomings of commercial food, the book also offers extensive knowledge about why homemade food is actually good for your dog. Moreover, the book enlists several dog food recipes that dog owners can use to prepare a tasty yet healthy meal for their dogs. The recipes come with detailed preparation procedure so that you do not have to face any trouble. Also, the author gives accurate information as to the nutrient requirements of various dogs according to sex, age, and activity levels to ensure that your buddy never remain under-fed.

Pros and Cons of Dog Food Secrets?

Dog food secrets is manna from heaven for those who are eager to know how they can keep their dogs healthy for long years to come. When you download the pdf, you will come to realize how beneficial the ebook is for you and your dog. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Extensive information about everything related to dogs in just one book.
  • Quick understanding of how commercial dog foods are harming your pet and how you can stop the same.
  • Easy to follow guide about why homemade food is good for dogs. Simple, step-by-step recipe guide for different homemade foods that you can give to your dog.
  • Keep your pawed buddy healthy and lively for many years.
  • Protect your dog from serious illnesses.
  • Save on veterinary bills that generally plague pet owners.
  • Get tailor-made diets for your puppy instead of generic diets.
  • Money back guarantee to ensure that you are happy.

It might sound a bit exaggerating, but indeed, there are no cons to the products that can be mentioned in this review. Dog food secrets aims to discover a way that can help pet owners to offer a good diet to their pawed buddies and there are no negatives to the approach.

Why do i recommend it?

You have read rave reviews about various commercial dog foods, but nothing beats the quality and nutrient content of properly prepared, homemade food for your little buddy. All that you need to do is follow a proportionate and nutrient rich diet for your dog and you can make sure that your little buddy stays healthy, fit and free from diseases. Quality food is the secret to better quality of life and that stands true for dogs as well. So, understand what you need to do for your dog and do not forget to keep the Dog food secrets with you always.