Does your face get prettier when you lose a lot of weight?

Weight gaining is one of the very common issues faced by both men and women these days. They seem to get conscious and practice a number of methods in order to reduce their excess fat. A fluffy face with double chins is not something a woman wishes for. As one starts losing weight, results might not be noticed directly on anyone’s face. Changes are to be seen over time, face than would be leaner with portraying all those sharp features that one possesses. A lean face is way prettier and noticeable than a fluffy round face.

How losing weight affects your face?

After losing a considerable amount of weight, you can notice a number of changes in your face which probably add benefits to your looks, thereby enhancing the physical appearance as well as bringing out more confidence into the life. Few of the changes are,

Facial features

Gaining weight results in the fuller face which can get your skin sagged as well as accumulates fat around your jowls. Getting rid of that extra fat from cheeks and jaws can reduce that additional roundness of your face, thereby highlighting your sharp facial features to a great extent.

Return of wrinkles

The greatest advantage of having a fuller face by gaining weight is that it helps in covering up the creases and the wrinkles that tend to appear with age. So, when one loses weight, one might notice few creases or lines all over the face which they weren’t aware of earlier.

Forgiving Face

Additional fat on your face can get your skin stretched. Therefore, sudden weight loss can further get your skin sagged because of that excess skin stretching. Due to this, there are people who undergo bariatric surgery which gets your skin tightened up and make it look clear and wrinkle-free.

Will losing weight make you attractive?

People usually do not pay much heed on getting rid of that excess fat around the face. Being overweight can hide all the unique features that your face holds. The cheekbones along with the jaw line get blurred, thereby giving a fuller shape to your face. One’s face also gets intermingled with their pudgy neck, making it look unpleasant. On the other hand, a lean face will highlight all the features of your face as well as give a cleaner and attractive look.

Very commonly, one’s overall body shape gets revealed through the structure of their face. It is very likely of us to judge someone’s body structure through their face. A chubby faced girl is sure to have fats accumulated in rest of her body parts also. There are rare chances of someone having a fuller face with blurred jaw line and chubby cheeks to possess a great body shape. The leaner you get, the more appealing your face structure becomes.

The ‘GQ’ look or the square jawed look of a man is preferred over those cute and pudgy faces and therefore, those chubby faced men are not considered as handsome or seem to have an attractive personality more often. Men engaged in modeling are, therefore, demanded to have a lean and sleek face cut where jaw lines are visible enough in order to enhance their overall appearance. For instance, models like Antonia Sabato Jr., Ian Somerhalder, Alex Pettyfer and many more, have clear cut jaw lines which make their face looks more attractive and appealing. The reason behind this is that a face with sharp features having an angular structure portrays somewhat masculinity which differs from a woman’s facial features to a great extent.

How to lose body fat more effectively?

People nowadays are prone to accumulate a lot of fats on various body parts. There are people who get conscious of this overweight issue and wishes to get rid of these excess fats and therefore, adopts several natural and sometimes, the unnatural way so as to lose their weight and become more attractive in both looks and personality wise. Few of the effective steps that one can follow to lose their body fat with amazing results are as follows:

Few of the effective steps that one can follow to lose their body fat with amazing results are as follows,

Avoid skipping meals

Skipping meals can force one’s body’s metabolism rate to slow down, thereby conserving more calories. Eating in intervals will help you in getting your metabolism rate increased.

Metabolic efficiency must be the focal point

People often think it is the increase in metabolism rate that keeps the calories away from getting stored in the body as excess fats. But they are wrong as the efficiency of this metabolism is mainly responsible for eliminating the surplus body fat.

Fried food is to be avoided

In order to lose weight, one must avoid fried food preparations which tend to comprise of more calories and poor nutrient value. Therefore, healthy food habits are to be adopted along with right exercising routines to cut down on that additional body fat.

Sugar is to be cut out from daily diet

Sugar tends to boost up the insulin level in one’s body which further saves the unhealthy and unnecessary fats in their body. Hence, cutting out sugar from your diet plan is one of the most important things to be done in order to lose your weight.

Exercising should be done on a regular basis

Vigorous exercise is not required. One must go for 30 minutes jogging or a crisp walk which is enough to burn out all the excess fat from the body. Blood circulation gets improved by jogging and the resultant sweat helps in eliminating the unnecessary toxins from the blood. Losing weight cannot be done overnight. One must be patient enough to undergo this weight loss procedure.