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Plantar fasciitis is something many people are suffering from. It is something which takes place mostly with runners or sprinters. They have an active life and because of a number of stretches and running they undergo, a tear in ligaments is something not very far away. And I, being one of them, have been suffering from the same issue for about six months when a mate of mine introduced me to a product named Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure which prevents this pestering pain to go away. I have been using it since then and would like all those who are suffering from the same problem to make use of it.

To explain this issue in lucid language, plantar fasciitis is a disease which takes place at the bottom of your foot. It is mainly a thick ligament which, when over-stretched constantly tears and swells up. That leads to severe pain. The pain which is experienced is a tingling sensation, but if it is left untreated for long, then it can lead to a great deal of discomfort.

It is usually seen that the symptoms start slowly but after weeks the pain does not disappear, rather it intensifies. You may not see any bruising or swelling but when you touch it, you will feel the pain as you apply some pressure over the sore area. The pain can be really pestering and may prevent you from doing your daily chores. An interesting thing about it is that athletes who are into sprinting, consider this as a common problem. Apart from them people who are a bit obese or over weighted are also seen affected by this problem on a regular basis, especially ladies who are in their pregnancy stage.

is plantar fasciitis curable?

Henceforth that brings us to an important question, does plantar fasciitis go away?

For people who ask is plantar fasciitis curable or not the answer would be yes definitely! They are curable and the way to go about it are mentioned below. Read it well.

Experts have labeled stretching as one effective way of reducing plantar fasciitis. It not just assists you in keeping your weight away from our foot till the primary inflammation fades away. If you experience pain after a hard day at the office, you can also apply ice to the sore area. This is also a tried and tested mode of curing plantar fasciitis. Simply rub the ice cube over the sore area for 15-20 minutes and do it about three to four times in a day.

Alternative answers to “is plantar fasciitis cDoes plantar fasciitis go awayurable” include going to a doctor to get it checked out. They will prescribe you with an anti-inflammatory medicine and also advise you to carry out some exercises which will be introduced to you shortly.

  • The first exercise which they recommend you to do is leaning front against a wall with one of your knees straight and the heel touching the surface. The other knee must be bent and your foot arch, as well as heel cord mush, extend as you move forward. Simply hold that posture 10-15 minutes and slowly return back to the starting posture. Simply do it for 15 to 20 times in a day for each of the heel and also remember to apply ice after completion of the exercise.
  • Another exercise which you are advised to do is leaning forward and extending your feet separately. One of your feet must be placed in front of the other and after flexing your knees slowly squat down. While doing this, do remember to keep your heels on the surface as long as you can. Hold the stretching posture for 10-15 seconds and then fall back to your starting position. Do this exercise for 20 times in one day.

It is seen that about 90% of people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis get better after a couple of months of exercising. Also, one thing which you can also do is use shoes which incorporate shock or energy absorbing soles. This will protect your feet and may keep it in a fixed particular posture.

Use of braces or night splints

Usage of splints or braces is also a good answer to what helps plantar fasciitis. These night splints are a kind of brace which holds your foot properly and in a flexed posture. It also lengthens your Achilles tendon as well as your plantar fascia at night. Doing this will definitely prevent the early morning stiffness as well as tediousness. In the market, there are unique types of shoes having superlative arch supports and orthotics which assist in alleviating pain. Using a boot with shock absorbing soles will assist in reducing your foot strain and help heal your plantar fasciitis problem quickly.

However, if you still experience some pain in your heel region, then you will have to consult a doctor again. He will probably give you a steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine to help lessen your pain.

The last option as to what helps plantar fasciitis

However, if you still find that there are some discomforts in your heel region, then having a surgery would be the last resort. Over the last decade, physicians have come up with numerous steps which help cure heel ailments. There are several techniques which are used and they are all fruitful as well:

  • Removal of bone spurs in case you have it present
  • Releasing plantar fascia
  • And releasing pressure upon small nerves present in that area.

Normally the techniques are carried out making a small cut on the inner edge of your foot. However, there are some surgeons who are seen doing it using the endoscope which is a small camera which is inserted into the joint or beneath your skin. This allows surgeons to check the structures. They can also carry out the operation perfectly with lesser damage caused to the normal tissues.

Hence, these are techniques what helps plantar fasciitis get eliminated. The thing for you to remember is not to allow this pain to increase or leave it unattended as it will only increase and cause more pain. Hopefully, this segment proved to be interesting for you all.

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