Does Plantar Fasciitis Ever Heal?

Plantar fasciitis is a health problem which causes pain in the bottom of the heel. An important ligament named plantar fascia connects the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is an orthopedic problem. Now the problem is where is plantar fasciitis pain. This problem creates a severe pain in the heel, knee, calf, and back. When the plantar fascia ligament bears extra pressure, then the ligament can’t work properly and gets injured. This problem causes plantar fasciitis. There are some treatments also to heal the pain. One of the best treatment is the “Fast plantar fasciitis cure”. It is an e-book, written by Jeremy Roberts. This book actually is a collection of suggestions and recommendations. Middle aged people and aged people with 40 to 60 years of age are the worst victims of plantar fasciitis. (Watch the presentation below)

Does Plantar Fasciitis Ever Heal

Can plantar fasciitis cause calf pain?

The answer is yes. Tight calf muscles are a common problem today. When the ankle joint does not work properly due to lack of flexibility, then plantar fascia ligament bears extra pressure. And this causes severe pain in the calf. There are so many reasons that cause plantar fasciitis. One of the reasons is heavy weight. If the upper portion of the body gains extra weight, then the extra weight, creates extra pressure on the plantar fascia ligament, and several parts of the body feel acute pain.

Sometimes it is difficult to bear the pain. And there are remedies to cure the problem. But the biggest challenge is does plantar fasciitis ever heal. Honestly, it is truly difficult to say that plantar fasciitis cure completely. But it is difficult to say that this approach is hundred percent acceptable. Doctors advise to treat plantar fasciitis at the right time. If you treat plantar fasciitis at the beginning, then there is a great chance of complete cure. According to the doctors most cases of plantar fasciitis can be cured completely within three to twelve months. When there is a chronic plantar fasciitis, then it is truly difficult to heal the pain completely. Even sometimes patients with chronic plantar fasciitis are recommended surgery by the doctors. Although that is the last option. According to some latest reports, surgical recommendation is very rare.

There are numerous ways to treat plantar fasciitis. But before treatment it is better to prevent the plantar fasciitis. As already discussed that extra weight is a big reason behind this problem. So doctors advise to lose that extra weight. Again, proper footwear or shoes is prescribed to walk properly on the hard surface. Athletes are also advised to wear proper shoes while running or practicing on the field. Doctors also advise not to walk barefoot on the surface, because the bottom of the foot is the key part where the inflammation or severe pain is felt. Even persons suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis should not walk or stand for a long time on the surface. Because long time standing or walking put extra pressure on the plantar fascia.

Some suggestions to cure plantar fasciitis.

  • Exercises are the best way to cure plantar fasciitis. But don’t forget to consult the doctor before starting exercises. Improper exercise can have an adverse effect. So be careful. Take a bottle full of and put it under the feet. Now roll it. Do this for several times and your pain is gone. Stretching is good to cure plantar fasciitis. Stretching exercise releases the pressure on the calf muscle and helps the plantar fascia ligament to work normally. Medicine is the common part of treatment and it is obviously helpful. But continuous consumption of medicines has bad effects on the health. Some therapeutic treatments are there to relieve the pain, caused by plantar fasciitis. Shock wave is nowadays a common treatment to cure plantar fasciitis. Earlier Shock wave is used to treat kidney problems, but now plantar fasciitis is cured by Shock wave. Steroid injection is also a common treatment to reduce the pain. Though continuous use of steroid injection brings some serious health problems. It is very serious for the aged persons. Steroid injection is the last medication to stop the severe pain. Sometimes even proper massages help to cure the problem and reduces the pain. Truly plantar fasciitis is a common but a big problem.
  • Sometimes patients are asking will plantar fasciitis heel on its own. Now this is truly a very hard question to crack. Because plantar fasciitis is such a health problem and needs various ways to cure the problem. No suggestive latest reports are there, which shows that plantar fasciitis heel on its own. All analytical reports describe that even exercises are necessary to cure the problem. Plantar fasciitis can stay for six to twelve months if it is detected at an early stage. But the biggest challenge is whether you are ready to cure the problem or not. You have all the facilities to learn, but no time to use.

Plantar fasciitis is now a common health problem. Persons working almost every sphere of life can be affected by this problem. Busy lifestyle and continuous brain activity have made a man a lazy one. Insufficient time to think about own health, and insufficient time to take proper food and rest has made the platform to introduce plantar fasciitis as an inevitable part of life. Currently, doctors are advising to take extra care even if you are a young person. And the home treatment is the best method to treat this problem. Home treatment means some exercises, some medicines and some therapeutic exercises. Jeremy Roberts’ “Fast plantar fasciitis cure” is the best example of this home treatment. This e-book mainly shows the exercises, and some suggestions, also some proper activities to treat plantar fasciitis. People are living in a society where they can afford all the amenities, but don’t have time to enjoy them completely. Because they don’t have time to think about themselves and their work.