Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint Review

Most trainers get it wrong. You see, in as much as they train shoulder and hip flexibility with the intention of helping people realize their full potential, some trainers miss the fact that assessment, breathing, and range of motion plays a critical role in enhancing the potential of those areas. And regardless of whether they are a professional athlete or just people looking to stay fit, shoulder and hip manipulation to get flexibility and maximum energy is essential. It is for this purpose that Complete shoulder and hip blueprint ebook was created.
This is a digital guide which was created by none other than Tony Gentilcore and his assistant, Dean Somerset. So if you want to learn the simple tricks that make your shoulder and hip perform optimally, this ebook is just right for you.

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A brief description about the authors

We are introduced to Tony Gentilcore(Youtube channel), a coach at Boston MA and founder of Cressey Sports Performance. He has a strong background in shoulder and joint injuries and overall health in general. He has worked with baseball players in every level. And during this time, he was focusing on assessing commonly known shoulder and hip dysfunctions. Moreover, this man has also worked with gym enthusiasts from across the globe. He addresses problems related to shoulder degeneration over time.complete-shoulder-and-hip-blueprint-review
And then we have Dean Somerset who has specialized in Exercise Physiology. He works with both professional athletes and regular people to help them recover from their injuries. Essentially, he is heavily involved in rehabilitative work in addition to addressing areas related to congenital disorders, cardiac problems, and surgery recovery. Basically, he is the master of mobility and strength training.

What I Loved Most About The Program

Assessing your situation to come up with a better plan
Rather than using a generic approach, this ebook emphasizes on assessing shoulder and hip problems before coming up with a corrective plan. During this assessment, it also talks about the importance of thoracic breathing, mobility, and limitations that each individual is likely to face. And the good news is that for every matter that is highlighted in the 11 videos, you will get a solution on how to address those issues.

Teaches regular workouts and how to do them correctly
Regular workouts like presses, pushups, chin ups and many more are critical in your life. But are you doing them correctly in order to see results? Learn from the experts in this ebook.

Money back guarantee after 60 days of not seeing outcome
This ebook was specifically created to target shoulder and hip problems. That is why it goes deeper into the matter by addressing anatomical differences between each individual and how it play a role in realizing results. Most trainers still don’t get it right when we talk of understanding the difference between structural, soft, and neural tissues. Imbalances have to be considered with special attention being paid to how the hip joints move and limit themselves. And with this in-depth guide, you will be guaranteed results. But if you don’t see any difference, you will have your money refunded.

Final Verdict

This is an intensive 11 video course that must be watched and implemented correctly. If you don’t have the perseverance and time of sitting through the lessons, the ebook will never help you. Also, this is a digital product. No hard copy shall be sent to you.
Weather you are a trainer or an individual looking to address these problems in your life, the ebook is sufficient enough to see you through. You have to download it and spare your time to learn. Results can be seen instantly or at least felt from day one of using the ebook. That’s the difference between this ebook and many others currently selling in the market.