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Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a workout program that deals with fat loss as and nutrition. Joel Marion is the man behind this program who is a famous fitness and nutrition expert as well as a great author. Marion was also listed as one of the top 50 personal trainers in America by the magazine named Men’s Fitness. With this program, Marion tries to help both men and women in experiencing a rapid fat loss within 25 days. The rapid loss of fat is attained by following a unique workout routine as well as eating habits, incorporating a great number of fitness and diet techniques.

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The Xtreme Fat Loss Review will help you to come across the details of the program and thus, will let you know about the 5-day cycle that it includes. This cycle needs to be repeated 5 times in the course of the diet so as to compensate in completing 25 days of the program. Here is the list of 5 days being included in each of the cycles:

1. Cheat Day: Density Training Day

This day of each cycle is considered as a day where one can enjoy their favorite food which contains a high amount of calories like ice cream, chocolates, pizza and so on. This is done to get your leptin levels boosted up, further encouraging the rapid burning of fat. This helps in resetting the leptin level, maintaining a higher metabolism rate. Density style workout sessions are done on this day, helping you to get your lean muscle tissues protected while the extra fat is being shredded, giving you a toned look.

2. Shake Day: Strength Training Day

All the calories from nutritional shakes are attained on this day, providing you a low-calorie day and further providing you with great energy. Strength training is done so as to sustain your lean muscles.

3. Fast Day: Lactic Acid Training Day

This is the fasting day when your leptin levels start soaring. This is the ideal time for creating a great calorie deficit and thereby, gets rid of additional fats. Lactic acid training needs to be done in order to burn more calories than usual by increasing one’s calorie deficit.

4. Moderate Carb : Dynamic Training Day

On this day, one gets to consume 40% of calories from carbs, 30% from proteins and fats each. The calorie intake here is not more than the cheat day. A dynamic training is done which accelerates loss of fat in great amounts.

5. Protein-Only Depletion: Lactic Acid Training Day

Depletion of body energy is done on this day, thereby ‘making room’ for the upcoming cheat day of the cycle. Intense fat burning occurs through the lactic acid training on this day.

  • The Main Components
  • Comprehensive diet guide.
  • Training guide including different workouts.
  • Success log for tracking the progress.
  • Supplements are sometimes recommended.
  • A quick start reference check list.
  • Special bonuses.
  • Workout log for each cycle.
  • A guarantee of 60-day money back.

The Pros And Cons Of The E-Factor Diet

  1. Includes a great combination of diet and exercise routines along with motivational aspects.
  2. Neither slows down one’s metabolism rate nor gives rise to the rebounding of weight gain.
    Based on tried and tested fitness techniques.
  3. Great for emergency purposes. For instance, the need of the toned body for an upcoming photo-shoot or any other competition can be obtained within 25 days possibly.
  4. Doesn’t include tremendous crash diet. In other words, simple strategies on consuming food are practiced so as to experience a beneficial loss of weight.


  1. Quite tough when exercising and dieting are taken into consideration.
  2. Sometimes become technical because of the inclusion of various methodologies.
  3. No flexibility.
  4. Additional expenditure on supplements.
  5. People with medical issues cannot opt for this program.

Final Thoughts

The Xtreme Fat Loss program is undoubtedly one of the best promising weight loss programs, delivering you with the best results within a much shorter time period. For this, one has to be patient enough and follow a disciplined lifestyle, which at times can create some imbalance in your daily life routine. This program is recommended for those people who are devoid of any medical issues and are ready to bring about an attractive and desirable change in their body by following the 5-day cycle included in this fat loss program.