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If you envy the stylishly made-up celebrities you see on TV and in beauty magazines, yet have avoided wearing makeup because you think that foundation appears mask like and blush makes you look like a clown, don’t worry; applying professional-quality makeup is simply a matter of selecting the textures and shades that best become you. Perhaps it will make you feel better to get to know more about cosmetics before you try them again. For starters, get yourself closely acquainted with face makeup. After all, if you want long-wearing and crease-resistant eyeshadow, laying down the appropriate base is essential.


  1. Face makeup is any cosmetic product specifically used to make the complexion glow and appear flawless. Among the kinds available are primer, foundation, concealer, powder and blush. Primer is applied on a clean, moisturized face to make skin smooth and help the cosmetics applied on top of it last longer. Foundation is the general base makeup that evens out the skin tone. Any discolorations and blemishes that remain visible after its application are disguised with the use of concealer. Powder absorbs shine and is used to set foundation and concealer so that neither slips into the fine lines and creases on the face. Finally, blush is the agent responsible for giving cheeks a rosy effect even if the wearer is typically pale.


  2. Research on the use of makeup reveals that throughout the ages, toxic substances and questionable methods have been employed in order to get the effect on the complexion considered desirable for the times, such as to appear pale. An example of this is the use of lead by Greco-Roman women on their faces in what seems to be a precursor to foundation. Arsenic has been the main ingredient in some complexion aides, as well. Not surprisingly, fatalities have resulted from the practice; in Renaissance Italy, Signora Toffana was imprisoned and executed for the deaths of some 600 husbands who died after being exposed to their arsenic-wearing wives, all Toffana’s clientele. It has also been speculated that English courtesan Kitty Fisher’s 1767 death was due to poisoning from lead-based face makeup. A healthy variety known as mineral makeup is now widely available and is earning rave reviews from even those with sensitive skin.


  3. Other than the aforementioned more common types of face makeup, wearers also make use of cosmetics that bronze, highlight and contour the face. Bronzers come in a variety of shades so wearers can select the intensity preferred or that which is at least most appropriate for their skin tone. Highlighters are available in hues that are silvery for cool complexions, golden for those with warm undertones and neutral for either kind. These are used to draw light to chosen areas on the face. Contouring can be achieved with the use of a pigment or liquid makeup that is a shade or two darker than the wearer’s skin tone. It gives a more chiseled look to the region it is applied on and should be blended with a makeup sponge to appear natural.


  4. Bear in mind the skin type when shopping for face makeup. If the consistency of the face makeup used does not flatter the skin type, the wearer can end up with a streaky, unnatural finish. For instance, dry skin normally does not go well with powders, which enhance the presence of peeling and flaking, and cause the skin to appear older. Instead, look for liquid textures to make skin appear dewy and youthful. On the other hand, oily skin looks better with fuller coverage or cream-based makeup, as lighter formulations tend to slip off it. “Non-greasy” and “oil-free” are the key words to search for when picking face makeup for oily skin.


  5. Wearing face makeup with protective or renewing qualities can be helpful for the wearer. As an example, instead of applying a separate product containing SPF in the daytime, a foundation that protects against the sun as it evens out the skin tone can be substituted. This ensures that it is not necessary to uncomfortably layer on cosmetics with various functions. Also, rather than waiting for bedtime to apply face cream that assists with the skin’s regenerative process, a beauty buff can purchase age-defying foundation and concealer so that her skin is being treated with her makeup.