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Ancient Secrets Of Kings Review

Winter Vee’s Ancient Secret of Kings

The Ancient Secret of Kings is a personal development course that comes in the form of an eBook. Unlike other courses, this one has been divided into different stages so as to increase the effectiveness of the course. The material used in the book is also very contrasting to other personal development books. You will definitely find plenty of other reviews over the internet claiming to give detailed information about the contents of the course; this particular Ancient Secret of Kings Review will not only cover the features but also give a deep insight into its effectiveness while highlighting both the pros and cons.

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About The Author

The course has been designed by Alvin Huang, an acclaimed author and a personal development coach and Winter Vee, a very popular business consultant. The authors have done deep research for this course, as a result of which, the course contains quality content which has been sufficiently pruned and polished. This particular course draws information from the lives of three great rulers, namely – Khufu, the fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, China and King Solomon of Israel.

The authors have drawn inspiration from the lives of these three great rulers and explained how the same can be applied to meet with increased income, great personal relationships and find success in all your ventures. Throughout the course, the authors have highlighted Egypt, China, and Israel as the three basic pillars.

What’s Included with The Ancient Secret of Kings?

It was basically when Winter Vee a famous quote by Confucius that he was intrigued by the fact that whether the lives of the mighty rulers from the past really hold a clue on how to meet with success in the present day lives. This resulted in an extensive study, which finally culminated with the selection of three great rules as mentioned above.

This course shares the information in decoded form and is very easy to understand and implement. This Ancient Secret of the Kings review will also give an in-depth analysis of the suggested methods so that you can have a clear cut idea about what exactly you are getting for your money.

Given below are the details from each of the three sections that are based on the elites from three from three different pillars.

The China Pillar

The China Pillar is all about how to optimize your abilities. As it is said, the best magnifying paper will not light a flame on a sunny day unless it focused. Similar is the case with the human brain. Unless we curb unwanted thoughts and focus on our priorities, nothing substantial can be achieved. The China pillar will teach you how to build boundaries for your thoughts, how to kick procrastination, how to stay on top of your schedule, increase productivity and maximize your potentials to the fullest.

The Egypt Pillar

The Egypt Pillar is all about financial gain. This section will teach you how to maximize your income and get out of debt very quickly. It focuses on the importance of planning and gives you deep insight into wealth attraction. The Egypt Pillar will also teach you how to make customized plans and how to harness the universal energy using the pyramid principle. The best part, however, is that the two coaches have clearly highlighted why it is not really important to have business skills, a college degree or any other form of the academic degree to succeed financially.

The Israel Pillar

Like the other two pillars, the Israel Pillar is also indispensable for an overall success. In fact, the other two pillars may be quite meaningless without this one. Sop basically, the third pillar or the Israel Pillar is all about creating peace and harmony in your relationships. Peaceful relationships with your partner, friends, family, and colleagues will not only keep you in a positive spirit but also increase your productivity by a great fold.

The Pros And Cons Of The Ancient Secret of Kings

Easy to understand
The course has been designed in such a way that you don’t get bored and leave it halfway. The division of the course into pillars and further into capsules ensures that you keep on getting immediate results and stay motivated.

Quick results

This is indeed the main reason for all the hype behind the Ancient Secret of Kings. Believe it or not, many course takers have reported magnificent outcomes immediately following the course.

Above all, the course expands your horizon, thus giving you a clearer insight into life as a whole. This will help you keep a positive mindset and stay motivated. The authors are very reliable who are highly acclaimed professionals in their respective fields. In case you don’t like the book, you can avail for 100% money back.


The major drawback with this course is that you only get this course in digital format. So you either have to get the pdf or download it straight onto your PC.
The course is a little too expensive as compared to other transformational courses, but then again, the content is every bit worth your money.

Final Verdict

Now that you are clear about what the course really has in store for you, you may judge the pros and the cons and decide if you really want it. On a side note, the course has mainly received positive reviews, so it would not hurt to try.