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Eat to perform meal plan | A New Way To Lose Body Fat

If you’re looking for a diet that takes everything into consideration than you should take a look at the Eat to perform meal plan. It’s different but works for everybody. At it’s simplistic the Eat To Perform meal plan is simple.

A New Way To Lose Body Fat – Eat to perform meal plan

Eat to perform meal planToday it seems that nutritional information is everywhere we look. Much of it concerns weight loss or diets that will make you healthier through fast or cutting out particular groups of food for rapid weight loss. The problem is that these types of diets aren’t cutting it. It makes it difficult to stay on a diet when you aren’t getting enough calories, and so you feel hungry. Cutting out whole groups or types of foods has been found to not be healthy as our bodies require a broad array of food types to stay healthy. Still other groups tell us we can lose weight through exercise alone though many of us can’t do so for other health reasons. First in order to lose body fat a person must create a deficit of some type. There are only three ways to do so:

Diet Alone – yes you can create a deficit through cutting back on food. Say you’ve decided to create a 500 calorie defect. The chances are good that you won’t be able to stick to it. Food cravings and actual hunger are the issues. It’s hard to stay firm on a diet when you’re hungry. Besides, this action will cause you to lose muscle as well as fat. Not good for anyone.

Exercise Alone– again you can do this but you may lose lean weight as well as fat. Again not an optimal choice.

Diet and Exercise together – this is by far the best option. Try adding walking to a daily routine. Burn 250 calories through exercise and 250 through calories. You are no eating an adequate diet so that you are burning fat while helping to develop lean muscle tissue.

Remember no food or food group is forbidden. However, lean and healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meat will help you get the best results and is sustainable over a significant period of time.

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