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Best way to lower cholesterol without medication

The number of people who are suffering from high levels of cholesterol these days is increasing day by day. High cholesterol level can be very dangerous for you because it silently invites so many other medical issues automatically. Heart attack, stroke, obesity are the dangerous consequence of having high cholesterol level. There are so many medicines and drugs available in the market, but if cholesterol can be lower without medication, then nothing can be better than this. As the best solution for high cholesterol level disease, I suggest referring to the “Cholesterol never again” ebook by Martín Teixido. Suggestions given in this e-book are very helpful and highly effective.

Before going to the natural treatment of high cholesterol level, let’s see the causes of high cholesterol level:

What are the reasons for high cholesterol

There may be many reasons behind this, but the prime reason is a sedentary lifestyle. Inbest way to lower cholesterol without medication these days people spend the maximum time of a day sitting on the chair at their workplace. No exercise, having junk foods are the main reasons. Some specific foods cause high cholesterol such as snacks, oily foods, egg yolks, milk products, foods containing trans-fat,Saturated fat, meat, etc. Apart from these, there may be many other reasons as well. Now let’s have a look at the natural treatment for high cholesterol:

Lowering cholesterol level without medication

If you can lower the cholesterol level naturally then nothing can’t be better than this. It may sound difficult to achieve, but it is not actually so difficult. LDL cholesterol is considered as bad cholesterol in medical science. Higher LDL can be very dangerous for you. Lowering ldl cholesterol naturally is possible. If you want to lower cholesterol level, then follow the instructions given below:

  • Maintain diet: Maintaining a proper diet is the best natural treatment for high cholesterol. If you are suffering from higher cholesterol level, then must have to rely on a proper diet suggested by your nutritionist. A proper diet for high cholesterol includes all vegetables, adequate amount of fruits, whole grains, and all types of food which are rich in fiber. Put on all of these foods to your daily diet. Just avoid oily foods, trans-fat, saturated fat [chips, butter, ghee, etc.], and milk products. Following this diet will help you to lower high cholesterol level.
  • Breakfast with oatmeal: Breakfast is the most important meal which you should not skip. If you are suffering from higher cholesterol level, then you must start your day with oatmeal. This is rich in soluble fiber, which can fight against higher cholesterol level. Soluble fiber also helps to improve your digestion system. Having oatmeal for breakfast is considered as the best way to lower cholesterol without medication
  • Consume plant sterol supplements: Plant sterol is well known as plant stanols. You may find this in various types of plants which are considered as the plant cholesterol. When you consume it sufficiently, it will block the cholesterol absorption power in the small intestine and keep safe your body from cholesterol. You may find an adequate amount of plant sterol in margarine, but it contains chemicals which are not good for your health. So, it is better to take plant sterol supplement daily to get rid of higher cholesterol level.
  • Adequate sleeping time: It may sound odd, but it is true. 7 to 8 hours sleeping in a day can lower your cholesterol level. Besides maintaining a proper diet, sleeping is very important. Sleeping deprivation increases the LDL cholesterol level, which increases the blood pressure, and that may lead to stroke, heart attack, chest pain, and so many other medical issues. So, sleeping is another best way to lower cholesterol. If you are getting deprived of sleeping for any reason, then consult with your doctor.
  • Check Vitamin D level: Lower vitamin D is one of the reasons of higher cholesterol level. Maintaining a vitamin D level is important. As you grow older, the level of vitamin D decreases because the ability to synthesize vitamin D from the sun, drops. Check your vitamin D level by a blood test. If you find a lower vitamin D level, then you can take vitamin D supplements. Before consuming supplements, consult with your doctor first.
  • Control blood sugar level: Higher cholesterol level, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar level are correlated with each other. If you are suffering from higher cholesterol level, then you should check your blood sugar level ones in a month. You should maintain fasting blood sugar level up to 110. It is considered as normal sugar level. High blood sugar level increases the LDL cholesterol which is known as bad cholesterol, and that may lead to the high triglycerides known as the most dangerous fat of blood. So, maintaining the blood sugar level can be the most effective reason of lowering ldl cholesterol naturally,
  • Exercise: Apart from maintaining a proper diet, maintaining blood sugar and blood pressure level, it is very important to exercise regularly. This is the best natural treatment for high cholesterol. Exercise not only lower your cholesterol level, it helps to maintain blood sugar level, blood pressure level and keep you healthy. Doing exercise at least for 40 minutes a day help lower cholesterol without medication. If you are suffering from high cholesterol level, then exercise regularly, and you will get the result within a few weeks
  • Eat less fat: There are many foods that cause higher cholesterol level and those are egg yolks, saturated fats, meats, milk products, etc. Avoid these foods. Moreover, gluten is another element which may cause obesity and higher cholesterol level. Research says that baked and multi grain products are not good for health. If you like wheat products, then make sure that it is made with whole grain.

In this way, you can lower your higher cholesterol level. All of the ways mentioned above are the effective natural treatments for high cholesterol. Follow these and get results within a week.