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HDL cholesterol Vs LDL cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy compound which can be found in your body naturally, and it plays a major role in your body. You need to balance your cholesterol level so that your system works properly. But if the cholesterol level is high in your blood, then you may face heart diseases. Cholesterol is linked to lipoprotein, and there are two types(LDL and HDL) of lipoprotein which can be found in your body system. LDL is known to be as a kind of bad cholesterol as it clogs the arterial wall and disrupts the blood flow which can cause a heart attack. HDL belongs to the category of good cholesterols which generally carries cholesterol from the arteries to the liver and then eliminates the excessive cholesterol from your body. You can maintain a healthy diet so that you don’t get affected by heart diseases at the early age. Treatment for high cholesterol is very important as it is directly related to your condition of heart. As the best solution for those people who are suffering from high cholesterol disease, I’m going to offer “Cholesterol Never Again” ebook by Martín Teixido” which will help you to prevent cholesterol even before it increases in level.

How to increase HDL cholesterol?

HDL works like a vacuum cleaner in your system. It eliminates the extra cholesterol from your system and prevents the chances of getting heart diseases. The ideal HDL level in your body should be 60 milligrams or above. You should know how to increase hdl cholesterol naturally.

Healthy foods: If you want to know How to increase hdl cholesterol, you must change your diet to get better results. You should use olive oil when you are preparing food it increases the HDL level in your blood. Also, you should eat lots of whole grains such as beans, bran, cereals and brown rice these foods can boost your HDL level. Fruits contain lots of fibers and lots of nutrients which are good for your health. When you eat fatty fishes, it lowers the LDL level in your system. Instead of eating meats you can eat more fishes and also soya contained foods which help to decrease the LDL level.

Physical exercises: When you do exercise which increases your heart beat can help you to increase your HDL level in your blood. Activities like cycling, swimming, running and playing outdoors games increase your HDL level, also you can do aerobics which will help you to have a physically fit body.

How to increase HDL cholesterol

Quit smoking: It has been observed that in individuals who have stopped their smoking habit, the HDL cholesterol level has increased 10%. Those who are chain smokers, for them quitting smoking, would be really difficult, but your health comes first, so you should quit your smoking habit.

Lose weight: If you are overweight, you need to lose a few kg which will help to increase the HDL level in your system. When you lose your weight, you can fight against lots of diseases not just only cholesterol.

Check your alcohol consumption: Those who are addicted to alcohol, they need to check the level how much they are consuming. Adults can opt for one drink each day and those who are above 65 years they can opt for two drinks each day. You can drink wine instead of alcohols.

How to reduce LDL cholesterol?

You should know the ways how to reduce ldl cholesterol so that you can protect yourself from getting affected by any diseases.

Avoid foods which increase LDL: You should avoid such foods which give you more cholesterol. When you eat cheese, fried chicken, butter, and ice cream, it can increase ldl cholesterol level.

In taking antioxidant: You should eat those foods which help to increase HDL level in your system. Antioxidants prevent your body from building up LDL. You should drink lots of black tea, and also you can eat chocolates which help to build HDL in your body.

Drugs: If natural ways are not giving you fruitful results and if you are wondering to understand how to reduce ldl cholesterol then you must consult doctors and go for medication which can control your LDL level.

High cholesterol side effects

Your body needs a certain level of cholesterol in the system. Cholesterol is a fatty substance which can be formed from the food you are in taking daily. There are several high cholesterol side-effects which can be seen in your body.

  • High cholesterol increases the risk of facing heart diseases. If your cholesterol level is too high, it will block the valves of your heart, and you may face heart attack or chest pain.
  • Cholesterol interrupts the blood circulation in your body if there is less blood supply to your brain may lead to stroke. When the blood vessels are blocked, which carries oxygen and nutrients to your brain, it will lead to stroke.
  • Diabetes is a very common disease which is linked to high cholesterol and one of most seen high cholesterol side effects.
  • When you have high cholesterol, you will also face high blood pressure problem. When your arteries become narrower due to the increased level of cholesterol, your heart needs to pump harder, and blood pressure increases rapidly.
  • Peripheral vascular disease is also may occur when you have high cholesterol leve In this disease, your blood vessels that your brain and heart, narrow the passage and affects the blood circulation.

Treatment for high cholesterol

There are several ways to control your cholesterol level. You can control your diet with some home remedies and doing exercises may help you to get rid of your cholesterol. If your cholesterol level is too high, you must consult a doctor and should opt for treatment for high cholesterol to avoid any significant concerns. Proper medication will definitely control your cholesterol level. But it is always advisable to go for home remedies first and then you can go for medication as medication may have its own side effects. You should take care if your health properly so that you stay healthy and live long.