Foods that lower cholesterol fast

Cholesterol is a natural compound which can be seen in your body and plays a crucial role in balancing your system. But if there is any change in the cholesterol level, then you may face several health problems. High cholesterol is dangerous for your health which may lead to heart diseases. Cholesterol travels in your bloodstream in the form of small packages which is commonly known as a lipoprotein. Two types of lipoprotein can be seen in the body LDL and HDL. If you find the level of LDL to be more, then you should take precautions. Proper treatment is really necessary for high cholesterol as it is directly related to the condition of your heart. If you are suffering from high cholesterol, the best solution which I have found is the “Cholesterol never again” ebook by Martín Teixido. It will definitely help you to maintain cholesterol levels in your system.

What is healthy cholesterol?

There are two types of cholesterol, and you should know What is healthy cholesterol and what is bad cholesterol. HDL is known as healthy cholesterol. HDL lowers the chances of getting affected by any diseases. HDL carries cholesterol from the heart arteries to the liver, and it eliminates the excessive cholesterol, which is not required for the human body.

Foods that lower cholesterol fast

How to know if you have high cholesterol?

There are no symptoms which can help you to understand whether you have high or low cholesterol. If you are seeking for the answer How to know if you have high cholesterol, there could be only one way which will help you to identify whether you are suffering from high cholesterol or not. You should do a blood test which will show the results of your cholesterol level. Normal cholesterol in your body is 200mg/dl or below to this level, but if you are having 240 mg/dl then it is considered to be high cholesterol. It can be in the between 200 – 240 mg/dl but not above 240 mg/dl. You can check your blood cholesterol and compare which group you fall. As there are no symptoms when your cholesterol level increases, you should be more cautious and need to check your cholesterol with doctor’s recommendations.

Foods that lower cholesterol fast

There are several foods that lower cholesterol fast which you should intake at the right time before it becomes late. A healthy diet doesn’t only help you to recover your cholesterol it also helps your body to get the perfect shape and prevents to get overweight. When you change your diet, you can naturally reduce cholesterol in your system, and it is always advisable to go for natural ways instead of medication which has lots of side effects.

Soy foods: You should take soy foods which will help you to improve your cholesterol level. Soybeans, soymilk, and tofu lower your cholesterol. Studies says that if you add soy in your diet, it reduces cholesterol by 6% if you are taking 15g soy protein each day.

Fruits and vegetables: When you are looking for foods that lower cholesterol, vegetables and fruits would be the right foods which you must include in your diet. Vegetables help to prevent your body from getting affected by any disease and also strengthen your immune system. You will get rare nutrients and vitamins which are only present in fruits.

Oats: You can eat oats and barley which contains lots of fiber. It is the source of beta glucan, which helps to bind the cholesterol in your intestine.

Nuts: Nuts contain vegetable protein, fiber, fats, vitamins, magnesium, and potassium which helps your body to reduce the level of cholesterol. If you take 30 – 35g nuts each day your cholesterol will be reduced by 5%.

Vegetable oils: You must check which oil you are using while cooking. If your cholesterol is high, then you should avoid oily food such as fries and cheese. You can use olive oil which helps lower the cholesterol level. You can also use sunflower and safflower oils.

Antioxidant: Antioxidants are the great way to reduce your cholesterol level. You can drink lots of black tea. It has been proven blood lipids can be reduced by 10 % if you drink black tea for three continuous weeks. If also reduces the chances of getting affected by heart diseases.

Avocado: Avocados can help to raise the level of HDL cholesterol and lowers the level of LDL. It contains high calorie, and fat helps to reduce the cholesterol.

Beans: If you eat a half cup of beans it lowers the cholesterol up to 8%. It contains lots of fiber, which lowers the absorption of cholesterol from the food.

Garlic: Garlic can be considered as one of those foods that lower cholesterol fast and prevent heart diseases. Garlic belongs to the category of most powerful cholesterol prevention food. You should intake daily two to four cloves. Studies have been proven that it prevents clogs and keep your arterial system smooth.

Fatty Fish: If you love to eat non-veg, especially meat you should reduce eating meats as it increases the cholesterol level in your system. Instead of eating meat you can eat fatty fish which helps to reduce the level of LDL.

Fiber supplements: There are several types of supplements you will get in the market, which is made naturally and can help you to reduce your cholesterol. It is the last step which you can follow if you are unable to choose a healthy diet for you.

You should be very careful if you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, you need to take proper care of your health. You should have a proper idea about what is healthy cholesterol and how it can help you, and also you need to know about bad cholesterol and its effects. As there are no symptoms and if you are seeking how to know if you have high cholesterol becomes very difficult to answer until or unless you do a blood test.