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8 Natural Remedies For Bow Legs

Bowlegs are nothing but a deformity of human legs. In this kind of situation, a person suffering from bowlegs fails to stand upright with their knees together. If the person stands on feet with ankles together then, the knees will tend to separate from each other. It happens because of the thigh bone and shin bone getting a little curve.

If an infant has bowleg, it is not an abnormal thing, but if an adult or a child has it, then it is not really a normal thing. The cause of this disease may be different and it may include nutritional problem, toxicity, and other certain diseases. There are permanent solutions to your problem, but you better not go for the surgery. Instead, you can try the natural solutions and the home remedies that will have no side effect and also cure your problems.

1. Treat your Underlying Diseases

Fixing bow legs is not that difficult at all. The first thing You are required to know is, what kind of underlying disease is causing the bow leg. Once you know that, you can easily eliminate the problem and in no time at all, you will be okay.

For the tumors, you can use the chemotherapy or the radiation. This is the best thing to eliminate those.
In case you are suffering from the lead poisoning, then you will have to take the injections that will prevent any kind of lead poisoning.

In case you are suffering from fluoride poisoning, You are required to take medications that will take care of fluoride in your stomach.

2. Patience is the key

If your baby is born with the bow legs, do not panic at all. Many of them born with the bow legs, but then it gets cured itself. But for the precaution, you can always visit a doctor and consult about the severity of the bow legs condition. If the situation is not under control, you can go for some medical help.

3. Exercises with the Hip Adductor

Your inner thighs have several groups of muscles and they are known to be as adductor muscles. These muscles are responsible for keeping your balance. If you can do exercises with your adductor muscles, it will strengthen them and your bow legs will get fixed with time.

Even if you are thinking to go for such kind of an exercise, you will surely have to visit a doctor first. Without the help of an expert, it is impossible to determine whether you actually need to go for this kind of exercise or not. These exercises are not for any muscles and therefore only if they are weak, you can go with the Exercises to Straighten Bow Legs.

4. Use the Medical Braces

If you start the treatment at the right age, then you can use special shoes, leg braces to fix your bow legs. Normally these are used for the children until the leg bones are straight and strong enough to make him stand tall. If the adults are facing the same issue, braces might not the best solution for them.
Although normal braces will not help the adults to reduce bow legs problem there are braces specially made for adults which can at least relive the pain their legs.

5. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy might be a good solution to bow legs. But choosing a physiotherapist is a bit tricky. You are required to know about their experience in handling bow legs patient. Also the methods he or she will employ to fix you leg. If you choose physiotherapy you can surely eliminate bow legs in just 5 months maximum and you won’t need any surgery as well.  This kind of Exercises to Straighten Bow Legs and can be really useful if you can employ them in the first stages of bow legs.

6. Pilates

Exercise is the only way to make your muscles strengthen. This can really fix your bow leg problems. If you can build your muscles in the upper thighs and knees you can really stay away from bow legs. Pilates is one of those techniques that can be very much efficient. With proper Pilates, you can realign your body posture and also fix the problems with bow legs. Remember one thing, this is a technique of exercise, not a particular exercise, so you can actually choose some of the exercises of that category and you can be benefited in the long run.

7. Yoga

This is nothing but another kind of exercise. Yoga can be really effective to fix the bow legs. Yogas are really easy to perform and also it can maintain the flexibility and alignment of your body. Regular Yoga practice can surely improve your posture as well. So, you can easily fix your bow legs and also strengthen your muscles.

8. Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can do wonders to your legs. You can also have a solution to your constipation, arthritis, and stomach as well. But if you can use the Massage Therapy for the good, you can eliminate bow legs as well. But normally massage therapies are only for the children who are growing and still have the symptoms of bow legs. Your job will be to choose the physiotherapist well and experienced one so that he can cure your child’s bow legs. If you ask the experts you will see that massage therapy is a very good option for the problems of bow legs.


So, if you are facing issues with the bow legs, or anyone in your home suffering from the problems of bow legs, then it is the time that you think about the natural remedies that you can actually employ and still eliminate the problem. The main thing is about the understanding of the problems and has patience so that you can choose the proper way and fight against the problem you want.

Final Verdict

ALWAYS consult your doctor or physician before beginning use of ANY product or service to ensure it will be safe for you to use.