Back pain : Causes, Symptoms and treatment

Nowadays, back pain is the most common problem which can be seen in every human being. There are different types of back pain which can be seen in the human body, such as lower back pain, upper back pain and neck pain. Most of the cases, back problems can be seen due to bad posture, sleeping habits, stress, and obesity. Lower back pain injuries can happen due to the problem of nerves, spinal muscles, and bone problems. If you get hurt in the rib cage, you will get lower back pain. There are several natural remedies for lower back pain which can help you to recover your back pain. However,  if you think it is taking a long time to get recovered you need to consult a doctor immediately or resort to My back pain coach, which is an amazing treatment therapy that you can follow to find a solution for all of your back problems.

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What causes pain in the lower back?

There can be several reasons for your back pain, but the main problem for your back pain could be joint dysfunction and muscular irritation. When you get back pain, it becomes very difficult to move or to do normal activity. But you can try natural remedies for low back pain which will definitely help you to get rid of your pain without any side effects. There are several back pain exercises at home, which you can do to get rid of any kind of muscle pain. First, you need to understand the reasons for your back pain and also when you find out the reason you must avoid doing the similar activity.

what causes pain in the lower back

Body weight: Your spine keeps your whole body weight, and the spine is composed of several small bones. Your body weight should be compatible with your height. If your weight is more, you will face several health diseases, not only back pain. You should go for exercise and also check your diet just to keep your body weight normal. If you are having more weight and try to do any activity, it creates pressure on your spine and creates muscle pain. During pregnancy, you may face back pain problem as your body weight increases. So, during this time, you need to take extra care of you and your baby both. There are several back pain exercises at home that you can do during pregnancy, which will help you to avoid back pain.

Heavy weight lifting: When you lift heavy things, it may lead to joint dysfunction which can cause back pain. If you are not habituated to lifting heavy things, you should be cautious.

Stressful environment: Stress can cause several problems in your body. When you stay depressed, or you are unable to cope up with the stressful environment, it causes physiological changes in your body which can cause back pain. You should stay positive and joyful all the situations.

Bad posture: Your posture can be one of the reasons for your back pain. You need to check the mattress also where you are sleeping. You might get back pain if you sit for a longer time. When you are getting back pain for sitting posture you can take some rest in between, and also you need to sit straight so that you can avoid back pain.

Muscle injury: If you get hurt at the back then you get a muscle injury which stays for a few days. Your muscle injury should be treated carefully, if needed you can consult a doctor.

Problems you will face for back pain

There are several structural problems which can cause back pain. You need to know what to take for severe back pain, when your back pain is caused due to structural dysfunction. If you don’t want to take any medicine for your back problem, you can go for Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain.

Arthritis: It affects your lower back, which narrows the space around the spinal cord which causes spinal stenosis.

Osteoporosis: Bones become absorbent and fragile, which may cause a fracture in the bones easily.

Sciatica: When you face sharp shooting pain in the lower back that is caused by the pressure on the nerve. When you have sharp shooting pain in lower back, you must contact doctors, and you will get to know what to take for severe back pain.

Ruptured disc: when there is an unusual growth of your disc and when it touches the nerves can cause back pain. You should go for x-rays which will help to identify the dysfunction.

Symptoms of your back pain

Symptoms are the common observation by the patient which makes people aware, and you should not overlook any symptom which you might think can lead to a disease. Symptoms that can be seen during that back problem is back pain ache:

Symptoms of your back pain

  • You may feel numbness in the lower back. This is the common symptom which can be seen during back pain.
  • You may face high fever when you have back pain. It generally weakens your body, and you may face high fever.
  • Pain in the legs and the upper back is the most common symptom which is seen in most of the patients.
  • Back pain weakens your bone and also you may face weight loss problem.
  • You will face problem while urinating.

These are the common symptoms which you may face initial days, and you need to address this issue immediately so that you can avoid any serious issue in the future. If you have any health issue, you shouldn’t get depressed or feel low as that can make your problem worse. The best way to get rid of your back pain is to take a rest or opt for Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain. If you take proper rest and maintain which will definitely help you to get over your pain. It’s very important to identify the symptom and also take necessary steps.

How to get rid of your back pain?

You can get rid of your upper back problem easily following natural remedies for low back pain. There could be several reasons for upper back pain, but you can easily avoid upper back pain if you follow some simple steps. The upper back problem can happen for muscle strain. You should always treat your back pain on priority. If you are having acute back pain, maintaining your daily chart can be escaped. But if you are having a problem more than seven days, you should consult a doctor. These simple steps will help you to heal your back pain.

Massage therapy: If you are having back pain, you can undergo massage therapy, which will help to release the muscle pain and also reduces aches. If you want instant relief, you can rub gel or any pain relief which will give you instant relief from your pain.

Stretching helps with back pain: If you are having back pain doing stretching can help you to get rid of it. If you don’t know how to do stretches for lower back pain, you can follow the simple tips to do it. While you are doing stretching, you should wear a comfortable outfit, and also you need to do stretching after consulting with the experts. If it is giving you more pain, you need to change the way how you are doing. You should do stretching on the flat floor and hold your stretches for at least twenty seconds and most importantly, you need to do stretching every day for minimum 10 minutes. You can even watch how to do stretches for lower back pain videos and get some input so that you can do it while you are practicing at home. Stretching generally helps to ease your muscle from pain.

Surgery: If your back pain is troubling you now and if you are not able to do any physical activity, then you can undergo surgeries which will solve your back problem permanently. If you have any structural dysfunction, then there is no other way than going for surgeries.

Acupuncture – If you are facing back pain problem, one of the best natural remedy is acupuncture. Some special needles will be inserted in various parts of your body which will effect on your back pain.

Therapies: There are several manual and Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain. Therapies which you can undergo and that will definitely help you to get over your pain. These therapies are quite safe, but it is time consuming, but it can cure your problem such a way so that you don’t get affected the same problem again and again.

Meditation: Meditation helps to overcome your depression and stress. When you do meditation, it helps you to get rid of your sleeping problem and also helps you to stay strong and positive. You should go for meditation twice a day which will help you to avoid all your back problem and also will help to avoid bad posture.

Stay hydrated: Water helps to release toxin from the body and also keeps your digestive system good. It has been seen in many cases that when you, intake water will help you to prevent your back pain. You should drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

Take proper rest: if you are facing back pain, you should need to take proper rest, which will definitely help you to recover your pain. You should avoid doing any hard work and can take complete rest for a few days. Though it is not advisable to go for bed rest unless you contact with health experts. In many cases, it has seen taking rest cured back pain.

Apply Cold water: You can try cold therapy, which is the best way if you want relief from your back pain immediately. You should try applying ice where you have pain or swelling part of the body that will help you to heal your pain for a certain time.

Essential oils: There are several essential oils such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, and rosemary oil works in a great way on your pain. There are many consumable oils also which you can intake to get better results also you can rub these oils on your back it will give you relief.

Warm bath: Warm bath in salty water give you relief when you are having back pain, though it is advisable not to stay for long in the salty water which can create adverse effects on your body.

Steroid Injections: If you are having massive pain you can go for steroid injection, which will definitely help you to release your pain, though it is not advisable to take steroids or pain killers for your back pain. But if you are having unbearable pain you should consult with your health experts and then you can go for steroids.

You should not take any medicine for your acute pain as it can be healed if you follow home remedies. In your daily lifestyle, you should always avoid those activities what causes pain in the lower back. Your daily routine and the lifestyle play a crucial role so you should maintain a healthy routine and stay healthy.

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