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Weight loss has been a hot topic since the 1950s, and there have been massive strides made on weight loss education. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar money making machine which pushes weight loss pills, fad diets, plastic surgery, stomach reduction surgeries and thousands of other gimmicks to promote weight loss. The truth is, the only real way to lose weight is eating correctly, eating healthy foods, and exercising. That’s the jest of it. If people would concentrate on what to eat to lose weight and healthy foods to lose weight as well as exercises to do, people would be able to train themselves into living a healthy lifestyle and adapting lifelong habits. This sounds so easy and almost superficial when writing it down into words, however it’s very difficult with all of the fast food and junk we have at our disposal.

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This article will discuss those three things – What to Eat, Healthy Foods, and Exercises that aid in weight loss. Many people believe that the only way you can lose weight is to eat organic fruits and vegetables, no fat, and no sugar. The truth is a person should lose weight safely as well as sensibly. Completely cutting out carbs like in the Atkins diet doesn’t work. Starving your body of carbs and eating lots of fat will eventually make your body adapt to not having carbs, and eventually the fat will make you gain weight. Eating only raw food is extremely difficult to maintain. Vegetarian diets are fine, as long as you are getting proper protein but many vegetarians eat a lot of junk food. Liquid diets like a shake for breakfast and a shake for dinner from some can containing a ton of preservatives is simply not feasible. People become miserable and hungry, and figure out that once they stop doing the ‘liquid diet,’ they gain weight often more than they lost with the shakes. The truth is, you do need to eat to lose weight, but you need to eat a balanced, healthy diet. Nature Wise Green Coffee Bean Extract for weight loss is essential.

Losing weight is one of the hardest things in the world to do and it goes without saying that for those who are trying to lose weight, they have it the hardest of all because it is a time-consuming process. However, Here are 10 of the fastest ways to lose weight,

10 Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

1). Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Some people find that losing weight is all about giving up their favorite foods which is technically true, but exercising is one of the fastest ways to lose weight because the whole body is affected and not just one part of it. For example, instead of taking the elevator at work, take the stairs and take them back up as well. Doing 5 push-ups everyday is also another fast way to lose weight, plus it’ll give the food that the person had in their bodies time to completely work its way out. Keep in mind that exercise is a quick way to shred 5 lbs plus a week.

2). Ignore the salty snack aisle at the grocery

Those flaming hot chips or the Mesquite bbq chips at the store might look appetizing, but completely ignoring the salty snack aisle at the store will ensure that the person gets down to their target weight, and resisting the temptation of those snacks will get easier and easier. Sometimes, those few vanity pounds from those salty snacks are not worth it. If a person keeps doing this month after month, they’ll see the 10-25 pound difference. Salty snacks is the main cause of weight gain in America, but ignoring salty snacks can mean the difference between weighing in at 170 pounds and weighing in at 210.

3). Eat vegetables like no other

It can’t be argued that vegetables are good for the human body and soul, but their main effect is helping those who need to lose weight to lose it effectively not to mention, deliciously. Eating vegetables is the fastest way to lose weight because vegetables are empty calories and there’s no way that a person is going to gain weight off of eating vegetables, vegetables are designed to be enjoyed and be a very low calorie snack. Ultimately, eating vegetables combined with exercise can help a person to lose weight fast.

4). Seek smaller portions at fast food restaurants

Everybody loves going to a fast food restaurant to enjoy fast food, but there are two things that people can do to lose weight and feel great at the same time. One, order a regular size value meal which is usually a medium. Doing this will make it easier to burn the weight and the person won’t get sluggish ergo giving birth to weight gain. Two, if the restaurant has a dollar menu then the person should order food off of it, this will save them money and keep them from losing weight as if they ate a big lunch. Plus, it’s filling despite the item’s small size.

5). Cut out late night snacks

This is one of the fastest ways to lose weight, 18% of people between the ages of 31-38 are late night snackers and have been known to gain anywhere from 7 to 9 pounds a week. By cutting out late night/midnight snacks, a person will lose weight and they’ll have room for breakfast in the morning not to mention that doing this will ensure that the person’s eating routine isn’t thrown off where they want to do more snacking than eating. Late night snacking is one of the root causes of weight gain, stopping it will stop weight gain as well.

6). Walking the dog will help shred pounds

Now, some dog owners will say time and again that walking the dog can be very exhausting which is it. However, walking the dog puts one on the fast track to weight lose/losing weight fast. Dogs are active and energetic animals that like to run all over the place, walking the dog and harnessing its energy not to mention running with him will have the person noticing the loss in their body weight especially if this is something they do on a daily basis.

7). Let your stomach tell you when its hungry

Ten times out of ten, a normal person will eat at a set time everyday no matter what the food is that they’re eating. However, studies show that those who wait until they’re hungry to eat will desire eating food around the clock, less. This does wonders for weight loss because a person will concentrate on doing other things than eating or eating to get full. 31% of those aspiring to lose weight have lost 10 pounds before the end of that week, those people have claimed eating because they were hungry and not because they felt they had to.

8). Eating fruit

Munching on fruit is the fastest way to lose weight because of its nutritional value, eating fruit accomplishes two things. Raising a person’s energy so they can do things like taking the stairs or going for a fun run, and fills a person’s belly. Since fruit is empty calories, the person will be okay having 2 or 3 apples and not gaining any weight thereafter. Eating fruit on a daily basis has allowed a person to lose 2 to 12 pounds a week.

9). Losing weight means brushing after meals

Some people might not know it, but toothpaste is a appetite deterrent. 9 times out 10 people who brush their teeth in the middle of the afternoon is likely to not want to eat anything else for a long time, this is the best way to prevent midday snacking.

10). Consuming oatmeal is the key to weight loss

Eating oatmeal every morning will help the person lose weight. On average, a person who eats oatmeal everyday will lose 10-20 pounds a week. Also, they often find that they are less hungry during the day because oatmeal with fruit or a whole bowl of oatmeal is very filling, plus the after taste is likely to turn people off from eating anything else for awhile after that.

What to eat to lose weight

Basically, What to eat to lose weight comes down to portions and calories. A person should be able to eat what they want but in certain portions. It’s crazy to think that you shouldn’t eat a Christmas cookie at Christmas, but it’s practical to know that one is enough. If a person can restrain themselves from too many desserts or second helpings, they can and WILL lose weight.

Some healthy things to eat to lose weight are as follows

  • greens, cucumbers, carrots in ‘salad form’
  • grilled or baked chicken, roasted or broiled chicken (just no fried chicken)
  • turkey-potatoes-vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, lentils, corn, mushrooms, radishes, carrots, onions, green and red peppers etc
  • yogurt (Greek yogurt has a LOT of health benefits, and you should avoid the fat free kind because it’s filled with sugar)
  • homemade juices (as in made with your Vitamix or another well crafter super blender- you simply throw in veggies and fruits and the machine extracts all of the juice from them)
  • homemade smoothies (Vitamixes are the ultimate best for smoothies. My favorite is frozen mango slices with fresh cut pineapple extremely good)

It’s important to note that treats like cookies, cakes, pies can and should be eaten in small portions. You shouldn’t put such restrictions on your life that you are miserable. we all have to live a little! The trick is to know when a little is enough! Now that we’ve discussed several ideas on How to lose weight fast, we will focus on what exercises to do to help you lose weight.  Again, like foods and other diet supplements and ideas, there a many exercises out there that are gimmicks. The truth is, losing weight means having to burn calories.

The first thing a person should do for ‘exercise’ is to buy a pedometer like a fitbit or an Apple Watch, or a simple pedometer for about $10.00 simply to track your steps. The more steps you take, the more walking you do, the more weight you’ll lose. Take the stairs, take your dog for a walk, walk to work or take a walk on your lunch break- and your goal should be 10,000 steps a day. This may seem like a lot but once you get used to it, it’s easy. Train to do a marathon and just walk if you want. Whatever you do, know that the best exercise is to get moving and walking as much as possible will strengthen your muscles and make you feel elated.

Weight lifting is also an excellent exercise for losing weight and sculpting the body, and gaining muscle. It provides the body with repetitious motions that help it get into shape and keep it that way.Crunches are an amazing way to lose weight in your tummy area. While you are eating properly, crunches provide a great option for stomach tightening and body sculpting. It’s an excellent way to get rid of belly fat and making your stomach flat and attractive.

Jumping rope or skipping is one of the best exercises to lose weight. The constant jumping is wonderful for the heart and the motion is great for every single muscle in the body. It’s a fantastic cardio workout that gives you a good sweat and trims fat. It might seem like an ‘old school’ workout, but if you ask any boxer or wrestler that has to stay in ultimate shape, they will tell you that jumping rope is the best exercise in the world to cut down fat while staying in shape.

Lunges strengthen the body and burn fat from your calves and thighs. They are not pleasant to do, but the results can be amazing. They are a great way to lose weight and keep your legs strong and in shape. Like walking, running is a great exercise to lose weight. It’s not for everyone and it can be hard on the knees, but there are more Marathons held today than ever before. People are really getting into running and many people are addicted to it. It’s a fantastic cardio workout.

Swimming is key in weight loss. Deep water aquatics are some of the best exercises you can do to lose weight. Water offers a resistance against your muscles. You also don’t feel so sweaty and gross in a pool. Swimming is also an excellent cardio workout that allows the body to stretch, and receive water resistance. Martial Arts is one of the best cardio workouts a person can get. People always have something to look forward to, as getting your ‘belts’ or learning your ‘forms’ are always a ‘next step.’ The fact that there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment through weight loss and competition makes Martial Arts one of the best ways to lose weight and feel good.

Yoga, especially hot yoga, is a fantastic way to stretch, sweat, relieve tension in your body and burn calories in a pacifying way. Yoga is a very popular exercise for a reason. it works your body in too many ways to count, including your mind. Simply meditating is a good workout too. It relaxes your body and frees your mind, creating a trance-like stance from which you come out of feeling great.The last point is being happy and putting on a glowing smile is the best thing to do. It shows the world your confidence and may even get you a few whistles, or cat calls- or whatever! Feeling confident about yourself is the key to life. If you feel bad, you’re going to always worry about what others think. We only have one life to live, so we should live it as much as we can without worry and shame! We need education on the truth about what to eat to lose weight, and which foods to eat to lose weight!

The above paragraphs should be studied so that you can think of the three basics which are:

1) What to eat to lose weight

2) What foods help to lose weight

3) Exercise to lose weight

Another thing that really helps, is keeping a personal food calendar and mark down all of things you ate today, and budget for what you’re going to eat tomorrow. Base your calories around your workouts. Don’t think if you’re not in shape, you can’t do it- because anyone every shape and size truly can! It may take you awhile to get used to the food, and it may take you awhile before you catch on, but if you stick with it, anything is possible. There is nothing better for the body than weight loss, including healing things like type 2 diabetes, swelling, shingles, circulatory disease, etc. Just remember portions- don’t punish yourself, and you’ll be just fine.